Another day, another Democrat on the hot seat.

We know that the side effects of the COVID vaccines are totally nerve-wracking, but what’s even hard to deal with?  Democratic cults virus.

Recently, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was caught in the act by the city’s Department of Investigation (DOI) for misusing police resources on his security detail to assist in his adult daughter’s move out of Brooklyn.

Since when NYPD became a U-Haul service for politicians? This is a complete abuse of power.

The city’s Department of Investigation this week released the results of a probe alleging de Blasio misused his NYPD security detail during out-of-state trips during his Democratic primary bid — a finding that could potentially require him to pay back more than $300,000 in expenses. The report also raised questions over his adult children’s use of NYPD security resources.

I personally cannot deny that special treatments and immunities are being given to these elected corrupt democrat officials but the NYPD covering it up is just another big mistake. No wonder why America has been struggling recently in terms of economic and state issues.

After the Congress raises the debt ceiling to spend more taxpayers’ money and then raises taxes to cover the money already paid. The federal government seemed to lack concern towards military funds in order for them to protect our country from attacks.

Basically, the system is not perfect and these politicians are only making it even worse.

Can America get any worse?

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