Celebrity, James Woods, delivers one line that leaves Obama dumbfounded and without a response.

In the wake of yet another mass shooting, Obama used social media to remark of this tragedy and in true liberal fashion blame lax gun control as the ‘real’ criminal. Wrong!

The real criminal is Devin Kelly and gun control wouldn’t have stopped this man from executing his deadly plan. What might’ve done the job however is if Obama’s Boss, George Soros, stopped funding radical Antifa organizations that are clearly poisoning the minds of moronic Americans who believe these acts of violence against innocent people will make some sort of a difference. This is the exact sentiment that actor James Wood responded with after seeing Obama’s disgusting message on social media.

Via Liberty Writers:

Here is James Woods epic response:

Guns are not the criminals, they are what protect innocent citizens from their he criminals who won’t care about gun control laws and regulations will only allow them more creative freedom when figuring out an alternative m, like a homemade bomb for instance.

Liberals need to wake up and stop blaming guns! It’s pie Le who are the real problem, people like George Soros, the most corrupt man in America, that’s who needs to be more heavily regulated.

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  1. Helen Flagg

    We HAVE a gun law that Kelley disobeyed; He was given a dishonorable discharge from the Air Force for assaulting his wife and young child. With that dishonorable discharge, it was illegal for him to carry firearms. He obtained the automatic weapon illegally. It is obvious no gun laws would have stopped his hate crime.

    • Susan Irwin

      It wasn’t a dishonorable discharge it was a “bad conduct discharge” unfortunately beating up your wife and your step-son isn’t worth a dishonorable discharge?!

  2. john wayne harlan

    It’s obvious that the left (Democrats, socialists, BLM, Antifa, George Soros) only want to disarm white, law abiding citizens. It will make us all criminals if the do that, but we still will have our guns. We know from history, when our guns are confiscated, so are the rest of our freedoms! It’s about total control of the citizenry, not about civilian violence! We will know them by what they do!

  3. Leon Powell

    There are about 5 to 6 thousand deaths by guns per year and over 500 thousand abortions so do we outlaw guns or abortions? Which would save more lives, do you think?

  4. Jack

    The left in this country want guns banned in order to control the people, you see what no guns has done to North Korea and the mentally disturbed Kim Jung Ho. Guns were taken from the people also by Hitler and we all know how that ended up. The Liberals always cry wolf when a tragedy occurs and some sicko shoots innocent people.
    If the present guns law are not enough for the lefties then there is no hope of a solution. The right for the people to bear arms, shall not be infringed. Infringed means to take over in case you Liberals haven’t read the Constitution.
    Guns in the hands of law biding people is not the problem, guns in the hands of criminals is the problem.

  5. VP

    Please tell me what’s more gun law is going to do? They’ve filled out all the paperwork and go through a background checks. In that background check is the person mental state …. check like their medical records and because of “HIPPA”, the medical community will not release this information to anyone except for the doctors treating that person. Unless there are some justification to get a person medical records because he/she is buying a gun. This will NEVER HAPPEN.
    So what happened in NY with that criminal running people over with a rental truck? What was his mental state?

  6. Jack

    If the local men wouldn’t have had their guns, what actions would he (the shooter) been free to commit?

  7. Jaxon

    If the local men wouldn’t have had their guns, what actions would he (the shooter) been free to commit?

  8. Bob Buch

    Hey Barry, since you left office guns sales have dropped dramatically so, if I was you, I’d say “mission accomplished” and shut my pie hole. Good work. 😉

    • Bob Clark

      Could mean to supply with a weapon;;Or an offensive or defensive combat instrument.
      A part of the body,Hands,o claws and horns of an animal.
      A means employed to overcome,persuade or get the better of another.
      Like a stupid liberals open mouth.Or a knife,hammer,axe,sword,arrow,spear.club,rock,car,or truck
      .They have all been used as Weaponry.

  9. Phillip & Donna Curtis

    The Federal form 4473 requires a gun buyer to answer a question regarding ANY domestic violence charges they have had in their history. The problem is that the Air Force DID NOT report this savage bastards actions to the FBI and therefore making it possible for him to buy a firearm! Any person with a history of domestic violence is prohibited from legally getting a gun! Once again, the safeguards in place to protect a tragedy like this massacre were circumvented by governmental failure!

  10. Steven peters

    Maybe if they wouldn’t kill the shooters we might get some answers but the bad guy so we are told get killed and dead men tell no tales.

  11. Steven peters

    And another thing. How vmcone these mass shootings have just come to being in the past few years. This kinfmd if behaviour never took place b4 911. Jets fear that these false flag shootings are creating and its time to find out just who is behind them. I hope I’m not the only one who feels that this is the work of some evil minds. Comin a guy shoots up the concert on innocent people and now they attacked a church and then they say that some how trump is the cause of this shit. Wake up people. It’s the elite that want global power and our guns is the only thing stopping them from doing away with all of us. Time for the navy seals to bring down the government. They fight everyday to impeach trump because he is unravelling everything they have done to bring our demise about. We need congressmen and senators like trump who aren’t politicians or lawyers. they need to be regular citizens so that they can appreciate where the people stand and can make the changes we need not the changes that cooperate America or cooperate world United nations and the rule of international law. End the madness get the mad men out of Washington. I don’t believe there is one of them attorneys I side our government 5bat isn t corrupt. Even trey howdy needs to go for being compliset. Every last one needs to go and stArt with a clean slate and don’t vote anymore attorneys into office. Just look at what these attorneys have done to our country. Special they are beings that their loyalty is to the bar association before the constitution.


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