Obama made it easy for Mexican immigrants to come here illegally using children to get in and receive benefits.

In a new report published by the Center for Immigration Studies we’re able to see the shocking corruption from the Obama administration.

It’s a common thing for Mexican parent’s to send their children over the border into America because under Obama they had a free ride from us.

From Conservative Daily Post:

During the Obama administration, UACs were granted even more freedoms than illegal adults. Children were viewed as innocent and therefore very rarely vetted or deported. Once a child was into the United States, border patrols and DHS was less likely to bar additional family members from joining them.

This policy was easily manipulated. Large groups of adult could all claim to be with the child, all without documentation. In an alarming twist, men would often find children to latch on to before crossing the border. This gave them insurance if they were caught by patrols.

With Obama’s laid back policies regarding illegal immigrants, children were then put on welfare because it was so easy to get around the rules and receive benefits.

Is there no end to what Obama has done to this country and the people? did he really believe “we the people” would let him reign over our country?


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