Liberals are worried about the Russians but the real enemy is the one who pretends to be your friend; Obama is the one who used intel to undermine the election.

The media coverage of the supposed connection between Trump and the Russians has been immense. Of course most of main stream media are Obama fans and enablers. But the truth is, all of the evidence found about tampering with the election or undermining democracy has been with democrats like Hillary and Obama.

Now we see without a doubt that Obama used intel to undermine President Trump and illegitimize his presidency.

From IJR:

We now know that senior Obama administration officials—National Security Advisor Susan Rice being chief among them—perpetuated a scheme to politicize this “incidentally monitored” communication. According to Eli Lake at Bloomberg News, Rice began to routinely request the “unmasking” of Trump sources as early as July of last year, a rare step generally only used when there is probable cause a crime has been committed.

Rice flatly denied knowledge about the unmasking controversy a mere month ago, telling PBS “I know nothing about that,” and stating she “was surprised to see reports from Chairman Nunes on that count.” However, last week week Rice admitted to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that she had, in fact, requested the unmasking of certain individuals, but only so she could more fully understand intelligence reports.

 Watch how not a single person will get punished in any way for this. Not one. Congress is corrupt as well. The DOJ should prosecute these folks one by one including Obama himself to start. How many more articles need to be written about this criminal activity??

These people get away with everything! It’s time that this stops! Share if you agree!

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