Oh boy!  How can you ever forget your way to your home? This is pretty crazy, I mean Biden should have a sense of direction – after all he’s the leader of this FREE COUNTRY.

I bet you have watched a lot of Biden’s mishaps lately.

But this one here shows the very evidence that Biden is suffering from mental decline to the point that he can’t even follow very simple orders.

In the video, Biden can be seen shuffling towards the White House entrance while looking uncomfortable just like what we usually see him a lot.

Biden looks like a confused old woman who won’t let go of her purse while he was carrying something like a sachel. Old woman with Alzheimer’s to do the same too, just like my Grandmother who also has Alzheimer’s tend to carry her purse to the bathroom.

And of course, his Secret Service is there to support him, and one of them reminded him that he’s walking through a different way and that he’s supposed to turn in to get inside the house.

One quick observation – why does he even need to be told where to walk to get inside the house he lives in?

But that’s beside the point because he couldn’t even follow those very simple instructions and make the turn where the agent told him to.
Instead, he keeps shuffling and appears to follow one agent, who disappears behind some bushes.

The one remaining SS agent appears puzzled.

It’s clear to anyone watching this that Joe is a very sick man.

Below are some of the comments from online:

“He’s just taking the long way to demonstrate his peak physical prowess. C’mon man.”
“And that’s Uncle Joe he’s a movie mighty slow at the junction…”
“81 million votes.”
“Weekend at Bernie’s White House edition”
“The look on the trailing agent’s face is priceless.”
“Good Lord, please help us”
“SS agents more like babysitters. They’ve gotta hate this gig”
“Shock collar with an invisible fence? Keep him where he needs to go”
“He literally needs a leash”
“Maybe we can fence him in, fences kinda work after all’
“Someone gave him WAY too much slack on his leash.”
“This is so epic, totally clueless”
“He is practically stumbling and seems not sure where to go..”
“He is so out of it”
“Oh c’mon! He’s just taking a stroll around…..you know….the thing!”

And people are already making fun of him. This version has music set to it:

Now tell me, do we deserve this kind of leader. A leader who even forgot the correct way to his home.

This man didn’t deserve to receive a single cent coming from the taxes that are coming from us.

He should be in a nursing home.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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