I can’t control myself laughing after watching this clip of Nancy Pelosi, I mean is she drunk? lol

Well, I really can’t blame people for asking questions after seeing this video of Pelosi. After all, we’ve seen a lot of bizarre video clips of her.

I might even need an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of Pelosi’s bizarre moments.

Sometimes Pelosi speaks and sounds drunk. And there are times when Pelosi speaks and it sounds like she’s had a stroke.

And there are times when Pelosi speaks when she sounds perfectly lucid and like she has her wits about her. It’s basically a crapshoot when it comes to Pelosi.

Knowing Pelosi she always stands out of the most strange and weird speeches and statements from the rest of the liberals.

We did have a fair share of these weird Pelosi moments, but this video clip you’re about to see here stands out among all of those as one of the most alarming.

So much so, that people are seriously stating, “She’s drunk.”

I think when you see this, you’ll understand why so many people are saying this about Pelosi.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online had to say about this clip:

“Whoa, she literally is slurring like a drunk”

“She’s drunk all day but she knows what’s best for your children and she never wears a mask unless there’s a camera around.”

“She sounds like she’s had about 5 martinis” 

“Maybe Gen. Milley should have been concerned about the Speaker’s mental health, instead of Pres Trump’s.”

“Good God time for these old people to retire ON BOTH SIDES”

“Our country is being led by a bunch of Alzheimer’s patients.” 

“I say she’s on some very heady duty prescription drugs”

“Hopped up on pain killers and plastic surgery”

“She isn’t drunk. That is her mental decline coupled with her alcohol addiction. She is not fit to be the Speaker and sadly, we have no protections against it.”

“We are being ruled by dementia”

“She’s always drunk. I shiver at what she would be like sober.”

It’s amazing to me when you think that a woman who openly behaves like THIS had the audacity to challenge President Trump’s “mental fitness.”

I don’t know if this woman drinks booze, or if she’s suffering from a mental disease, but one thing is for sure, this behavior is not normal and it’s alarming.

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