A photo of a CNN reporter made the people blow up after it circulated online.

In the photo the CNN reporter can be seen during her day one in Afghanistan in her classic “western garb,” just like her normal day, however; on the next day she already wearing a full-on burka after the Taliban had taken over.

The difference that people from the internet have seen is only a reminder of the Taliban’s power and they are now over their people mostly with women.

Check out the photos below which is one day apart:

Below are the comments from people online about the alarming photos:

“So glad she respects the oppression on women over there.”
“Where’s her COVID MASK CNN??? lol”
“Thanks Joe, way to empower those women over there, buddy”
“Weird how Dem feminists aren’t screaming and hollering over this?
“No need to wear face diapers. For some unexplained reason, the Taliban don’t get Covid-19.”
“I guess COVID skipped Afghanistan. sCieNCe”
“she looks like someone’s trying to keep their head on their shoulders lol”
“Where are the feminists now?”
“there goes Illhan’s vacation plans”
“I love how those who scream about sexism, misogyny, and toxic masculinity here are applauding this as respecting local culture. lol”

Another thing that kept me wonder was why AOC cannot be seen during this kind of issue. AOC who is well known for being a so-called “feminist” politician and so-called “champion of women” hasn’t tweeted anything since August 14th – where she sent out a tweet about libraries, of all things.

Maybe she’s now tired of fighting with women’s rights. Hahaha.

Just like what she did with the southern border.

Suddenly, AOC and her pals stopped caring about all those kids in cages.

Really hard to take these DC frauds seriously isn’t it?

Source: Wayne Dupree

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