Liberals are hating this! Bill O’Reilly declares that the days of Obama’s wimpy strategy to “retreat” are officially over!

Obama warned other countries over and over that they were about to cross the “red line” and when they crossed that line… Obama would retreat! No one took America seriously any longer. Well… those days are over because a new President is in town.

When President Trump says something he means it. He is a man of action while Obama was all talk. The recent airstrike on Syria has other countries listening. There are no red lines or warnings. Just action.

From Fox News:

“Most sane people support the missile attack last night,” O’Reilly said. “The morality of the attack is certainly acceptable. When you have war crimes being openly committed, a noble nation will confront that.”

He said it’s clear that President Trump is going to have much different foreign policy than President Obama’s “strategy of retreat.”O’Reilly noted that not only did the Obama administration refuse to take action when Assad crossed the infamous chemical weapons “red line,” it then struck a deal with the regime.

“Donald Trump is sending a message to the world,” O’Reilly said. “The USA will not tolerate war crimes or threats from nations like Syria.””Even most of the Trump haters in Congress agree that if we can stop children from being gassed to death, we should do so.”

These 100 Syrian kids were killed because Susan Rice and John Kerry cut a deal with Russia and said the chemical weapons were gone. Is the DNC in collusion with Russia!? Where’s the FBI investigation of the DNC?? We need immediate electronic surveillance of Hillary, Warren, etc…

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