Patriot Chris Pratt once again proves his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most patriotic stars.

The 41-year-old actor, known for his patriotism, set up a virtual surprise for four deployed servicemen and their families ahead of Father’s Day.

“We got a special treat for you,” the “Tomorrow War” star said in a video exclusive to People magazine. “We’re going to give you guys, your families at least, a special dinner and a sneak peek of the movie that y’all can watch together.”

“The Tomorrow War” sees Pratt star as Dan Forester, a family man drafted into a futuristic war.

“That’s coming from us to you with a tremendous amount of love and gratitude for your service,” the Marvel star continued.

Pratt, a father himself, then took questions from the people on the virtual call and revealed that he knew his “whole life” that he wanted to be an actor.

“My brother went into the army and he’s now a sheriff’s deputy. I thought I wanted to be an actor, but I thought I wanted to be an actor the way a kid wants to be an astronaut,” he recalled. “I knew I wanted to do it but I never knew how I’d do it.”

The actor then offered a special thanks to those who serve.

“My favorite part of this life that I’ve been blessed to be able to live and lead is to be able to openly show support for our men and women in uniform,” Pratt gushed. “You mean the world to me, I mean that.”

The Daily Wire reported:

Pratt honored those who lost their lives serving our country, posting a lengthy Memorial Day message to his Instagram page.

“America’s exceptional armed forces have altered the course of the world for the better. From the Union Army defeating slave-owning confederates to the Greatest Generation and her Allies vanquishing the Nazis or our special operators hunting down the perpetrators of 9/11,” he said in a caption to a series of photos of men and women who died while in service. “We count the names of each fallen soldier lest they be countless. They are the good guys. They run to the sound of gunfire. They know pain and suffering we never will.”

Pratt continued, “They have given us the freest and decent society planet earth has ever seen. We run the risk of losing that decency when we fail to instil gratitude in the minds of our youth or the perspective of what it means to be free- should they never learn of the selfless sacrifice of our armed service members in the face of oppressive evil. So join me in showing support for our fallen. Take a quiet moment to consider the sacrifice.”

“The Tomorrow War” will begin streaming on Amazon Prime on July 2.

Sources: Daily Wire, Fox News

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  1. Ron Hopkins

    Very nice to see few in Hollywood express reasonable opinions. Most in that town of sex and idiocy hate America. Mr. Pratt is correct in instilling into our children how lucky they are but many parents don’t have a clue, don’t care or drink the communist Kool Aid. We are a nation divided. One half hate America and the other half loves America. Deport the haters and let’s get on with MAGA!


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