Let me tell you, folks, toppling the Clinton dictatorship is no simple task.

It’s almost impossible, but Lawrence W. Doyle and John F. Moynihan, two whistleblowers, are attempting it.

It’s been difficult because the Clintons surround themselves with high-powered attorneys whose duty it is to defend these two old criminals.

Whistleblowers, on the other hand, have just won a court case against the Clintons… While it isn’t a game-changer, given how difficult it is to chip away at the Clintons, this will be considered a significant win.

The records for this case are sealed, but we can tell you this: a US tax court judge has directed the Internal Revenue Service to reveal whether the Clinton Foundation was prosecuted criminally.

This decision was made as part of a long-running case involving whistleblowers who have long accused former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of misconduct.

The judge in the case said the IRS’ argument that it had never criminally prosecuted the Clintons’ charity “was not backed by the administrative record and thus represented an abuse of authority,” citing a “gap” in IRS documents.

As a result, the IRS would have to go on the record and risk being charged with major fraud if they lie.

This decision confirms reports and accusations that the Clintons have been laundering money for political favors from foreign interests through their foundation.

According to the Western Journal, the two whistleblowers said that the Clinton Foundation participated in illicit international lobbying by accepting contributions from other countries while attempting to influence US policy.

Moynihan testified before a House panel that the charity “began working as an agent of foreign governments early in its life and during its lifetime.”

“As such, the foundation should’ve registered under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act). Ultimately, the Foundation and its auditors conceded in formal submissions that it did operate as a (foreign) agent, therefore the foundation is not entitled to its 501c3 tax-exempt privileges as outlined in IRS 170 (c)2,” he said.

It’s incredible that this major case involving the Clintons and their foundation is going on while we hear little about it in the media.

That’s how well-protected and shielded the Clintons are.

You’re almost unable to contact them…

These two whistleblowers, on the other hand, are not giving up.

Please keep them in your prayers. They’ll need it.

Sources: waynedupree.com, westernjournal.com

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    Nothing will happen to the Clintons as usual. Hope these guys don’t end up committing suicide.

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