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Liberals have so many things backward that it is oftentimes hard to keep track of them all. I  mean, they all tend to blend together.

Which brings me to this stimulus deal that they have been arguing about since what seems like the Truman administration. It’s not so much the amount of money as it is the places the money is going to be going to.

Now, think about this for a second. If you had found out that inmates in prisons were going to be getting one of those stimulus checks you would think that people had finally gone crazy right?

Leave it to the federal government to be over generous with your money.  I do not even know where to begin.  Prisoners are already costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year.  They break the law, or the ‘social contract’ as the left likes to call it, and the honest people (you and I) get to pay for their room, board, healthcare and ‘security.’

According to the California Legislative Analysis Office, it costs taxpayers over $80,000 PER INMATE, each year to keep a criminal locked up in the People’s Republic of California.  I would love to know whose bright idea it was to tax more tax payer money and give it to inmates under the guise of it being economic ‘stimulus’ … considering they are locked up and can not even spend the God forsaken money.

This country is so upside down, I am literally (almost literally) speechless.  This all stems from legislators like Nancy Pelosi thinking that all the money that Americans generate belongs to her and that it is her role to dole out each dollar.  She also seems to believe she should be thanked for giving us back some of our hard earned wages:

A federal judge has ruled that denying stimulus checks to incarcerated individuals is illegal. Quick. Call my stockbroker. I want to buy stock in companies that make slim jims, crowbars, lock picks, and screwdrivers.

‘The Los Angeles Times reports Judge Phyllis Hamilton ruled in favor of a class-action lawsuit filed by two Californians. Hamilton found nothing in the Cares Act, passed earlier this year, that barred jail and prison inmates from receiving stimulus checks.’ WTSP reported.

The article went on to explain, ‘the IRS has gone back and forth on the issue. It initially sent payments to about 85,000 inmates, totaling about $100 million. But the agency changed its mind in May, banning checks for prisoners and asking those who already received them to send the money back. The IRS even threatened to charge prisoners who sought the payments with fraud.

In August, inmates Colin Scholl and Lisa Strawn filed a lawsuit against the government, arguing that more than 2 million incarcerated people nationwide are entitled to stimulus payments. In September, Judge Hamilton gave the two sides time to work out an agreement, but they failed to do so.’

Do you have any idea how much money we are talking about here? 2,000,000 x $1,200 is a whopping $2,400,000,000.00, or $2.4 BILLION dollars in payments to convicted criminals … who are currently in prison.

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  1. LIsa

    MF’ing Nancy is losing her sh**…they do not have a right to a stimulus check…SOMEBODY OUST HER PLEASE


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