A police officer filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell for allegedly sabotaging his food which caused him in a near life and death situation.

An Oklahoma City police officer Shawn Byrne and wife Amanda Byrne have filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell. They claim that employees at local Taco Bell restaurant put cologne and spicy chipotle in his steak quesadilla, causing severe burns to his throat.

They are seeking more than $75,000 in damages after he claims he was forced to take weeks of sick leave after the incident.

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Police officer Shawn Byrne and wife Amanda Byrne file lawsuit against Taco Bell

Shawn Byrne allegedly ordered a steak quesadilla and a Mountain Dew in the drive through of the Taco Bell at W Hefner and N Rockwell one night in February after helping organize a charity event at a local church, according to the lawsuit, which the Byrneses filed March 31 in federal court in Oklahoma City.

NewsOK reports that the officer claims in the lawsuit: “After the person at the window took his order, he went over to two men employees and said something to them. They all looked over at him and started laughing. A few minutes later, the order taker brought his order and said he was sorry for the delay.”

Byrne said his “tongue, throat and the roof of his mouth began burning” after his third bite of the food.

The next morning, his mouth and eye were still burning so he went to the doctor. An examination revealed “burned spots on his throat,” Shawn Byrne claim in his lawsuit.

The police officer claims he could not work because of the burns and has had to take more than 127 hours of sick leave from the police department and has also missed 68 hours of extra jobs that were scheduled. Less than two weeks after eating the sandwich, Shawn Byrne developed appendicitis and had to have surgery, which his doctor said could have been caused or exacerbated by the spicy quesadilla.

The police officer kept the rest of the sandwich and had it tested, which showed it contained cologne and a “high concentration of pepper,” the lawsuit claims.

Bryne’s attorney noted: “The Department of Agriculture said there was an extremely hot pepper sauce on the sandwich and there was cologne in the sandwich also,” adding, “Shawn does not wear cologne.”

Shawn Byrne reported the spicy quesadilla to Oklahoma City Police, who further investigated.

The department’s initial investigation revealed that two of the three Taco Bell employees who laughed at him have criminal backgrounds. Additionally, the lawsuit states that surveillance video the order taker dropping the packaging for his food on the floor, picking it up, and nevertheless putting his food in it and handing it to him”.

In an interview, one Taco Bell worker allegedly admitted that straight chipotle, instead of quesadilla sauce, was put on the sandwich.

People commenting on the story wondered why better background checks are not in place, noting: “Taco Bell as a whole is not to blame for this incident, but their managers need to have strict guidelines as to who they hire and those hires need to be thoroughly checked out. When an entity feeds the public the people who work there should be on the up and up without question.”



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  1. Ron Hopkins

    These clowns should be in jail because of their hate of police officers. These idiots are not only ignorant of what police officers do every day but are a danger to them too. They, if found guilty, should do time and never allowed to handle food that’s going out to people. A-holes like these need to be taught a lesson and a harsh one. Nuff said!

    • Wisewolf

      I agree they need to be fired and arrested for attempted murder as well as terrorism.

      • David Taylor

        Taco Belle as a whole entity is still ultimately responsible due to people questionably hired. I stopped patronizing Taco Belle when the entity embraced LBGTQ.

  2. krdave

    Ron, I agree, and penalties should be sufficient jail time so as to register with the punks who do this. It is not a laughing matter.

  3. Bruce Walters

    Charge the little bastards with attempted murder, tampering with food, and assaulting a Police officer. Them sentence them to 5 – 10 years in prison. That’ll kick the giggles out of them, while the other convicts “tamper” with their food

  4. Nikita63

    Ah yes! One more example of the hatred for our law enforcement personnel as a direct result of the “Obama legacy,” of the war on law enforcement! Though this item did not identify the suspected perpetrators as Illegal immigrants, many of the people in my local area Taco Bells are Hispanic and many of them speak English only with difficulty. If they were of a mind to act similarly, who would know? I agree that the hiring practices must include criminal and background checks and it is a sad statement of the reality of the country we have become today that this in NECESSARY. I am a 75 year old Vietnam disabled Veteran and remember a time wen this was a country prideful of itself, But, we have been viciously divided by DESIGN of the New World Order left. Think what you like as to that opinion but I have had a degree in Government for 53 years and served 2 years at the Former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. after Vietnam, and I GRIEVE over the degeneracy so loved today!

  5. Jesse

    He should be suing that franchise owner and the three males who tampered with the food not Taco Bell. He should also DEMAND that the three who did this VILE act be charged with attempted MURDER. Before anyone cries that is two harsh think about this had he been allergic to either the cologne or the pepper sauce he would be dead. Then also ask would you want this done to you. A STRONG signal needs sent to these three punks and a stint in jail at hard labor should be their reward for their IGNORANCE.


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