In the disastrous G7 summit, Biden made blunder after blunder and was caught on video “accidentally wandering” into a cafe, where Jill had to rush over and “rescue” him.

While the other leaders look and act normal during the summit, Biden was shuffling at the back of the pack, looking weak, and often ignored because he couldn’t keep up.

There was a point that Joe was trying to talk about Syria and Russia, but instead of saying. “Syria,” he called it “Libya” THREE different times and never once corrected himself.

He doesn’t know what’s happening or going on. He’s a shell of a man who didn’t get “82-million legal votes.” Sorry. But that didn’t happen, I don’t care what anyone says.

Biden traveled to Belgium for the big meeting with Putin, and while there, he gave a press conference (he was nearly 3 hours late) that descended into an absolute disaster, when he stood frozen for about 10-seconds with a major “brain-freeze.”

The world is watching all of this unfold, and when they’re not belly-laughing at us, they’re either feeling sorry for senile, feeble old Joe or taking pot-shots at him, like Putin just did – in the most savage way possible.

Fox News Reported:

NBC News reporter Keir Simmons sat down with Putin in Moscow for an interview released Monday and asked the Russian leader if he recalls Biden’s version of events.

“I do not remember this particular part of our conversations, to be honest with you. I do not remember,” Putin said.

“We all, when we meet, when we get together, when we talk, when we work and strive and achieve some solutions, we all proceed from the interests of our nations and our states. And this is fundamental and is the bedrock of all our actions and intentions,” Putin said. “This is the driving force and the motive for organizing meetings of this kind. And, as far as the soul goes, that’s something for the church.”

Simmons stayed on the subject, saying, “You’re a religious man. President Biden is saying he told you to your face, ‘You don’t have a soul.’”

Putin shows back, “I do not remember this … something wrong with my memory.”

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Fox News

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