The machines used in the Washington state 2020 election may have not been certified.

Last December, the Gubernatorial candidate of the Republican Party was suing the Secretary of State related to the election.

Candidate Loren Culp had internal polling that showed him way ahead of Governor Inslee who upset the entire state with his draconian reactions to the China coronavirus.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on how free and fair elections in Washington state will soon be a thing of the past:

The Republican candidate for governor in Washington state, Loren Culp, is suing the Washington Secretary of State for mismanaging the 2020 election.

Culp, who won what looks like the entire state besides Seattle, believes the election was rotten.  The Culp for governor campaign filed a lawsuit yesterday against the Washington Secretary of State for election improprieties and demanding a full audit of the ballots and voting machines.

No way Democrat Inslee had a good showing in 2020 after his many nasty and stupid gaffes over the past year and his abysmal Presidential campaign.  No one in Washington likes this guy.

And yesterday, The Gateway Pundit also reported that a representative from Washington State who visited the audit in Maricopa County and now is holding public hearings on the Washington state election process:

Washington State Rep. Robert Sutherland traveled to Arizona to visit the forensic audit center in June.

On Monday Sutherland announced public hearings will be held be scheduled regarding election integrity issues in WASHINGTON STATE.

Robert posted his announcement on Facebook earlier this week.AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers posted this on Telegram on Wednesday.

Washington is one of those states where mail-in voting was implemented and few Republicans have won state-wide office since that time.

Now it turns out that half of Washington State’s election voting machines may not have been legally certified for the 2020 Election.  If there were any upgrades to the machines or to the software used in the machines, that were tested by uncertified entities, then the machines were not legally certified.

Watch it here: Tiktok video

The election authority may have been incorrect in her response regarding the election machines in Washington.  If there were any upgrades between the 2019 and the 2020 elections, they would not have been certified by qualified auditors per the state’s election policy.

The same thing happened in Arizona that also might have happened in Washington state.  The machines used in the state were audited by auditors who were not EAC certified even though the County claimed they were.  These two companies are the only companies used to certify machines before the election as well.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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    Washington is as crooked as Demonrats get, and you can’t get these liberal piles of crap out of their positions. Jay Inslee is the worst of the worst governors, washington state neither wants him or needs him. He’s some higher officials’ BUTT plug…


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