20 Republicans just made a move to undermine President Trump and here are their names…

A letter to homeland security was signed by thirty one senators that undermines everything Donald Trump is trying to accomplish when it comes to bringing jobs back to American citizens. The kicker? Twenty of those senators are REPUBLICAN!

From Top Secret Leaks:

Thirty-one Senators signed a letter asking Homeland Security to maximize the number of blue collar outsourcing visas that allow U.S. based corporations to import low-skilled workers instead of hiring Americans to do the work.

The number of H-2B visas issued had long been held to 66,000 visas but was wildly expanded by Obama in the last year of his presidency, to 264,000.  Now, almost 40% of the Republican caucus wants to keep it at that level.

These are the turncoat Republican senators:

Below is Jeff Sessions on the topic of H-2B visas:


Now we can add these 20 to the list of Democrats not to vote for. We stand with President Trump. Out with the Old, in with the NEW!

They need to start doing the job they are being paid to do. Our president, that we the American people elected, is passing laws to help this Country. Get off your butt and help him if you can’t do that leave the country. Enough said!

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  1. Eldon Wise

    I believe that most of the Congressmen are afraid that they will be losing perks and money making deals on the side. Greed is a motivator of these Congressmen. They do very little and most of all they think they are above their constituents. I believe term limits without pensions would put better people in Congress. Too many cliques in Congress. The Good ole boy system needs to go.

    • Paula Sturgess

      This is why Republican party is not strong, they don’t stick together like the Dems do even when they know their wrong. They need to stick together and sit down and give each other ideas and work together, that is democracy!

      • Irene Grooms

        I agree with you and its time they work to better our country and most of all us the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

      • Elizabeth

        It appears to be an incomplete list. From where i have viewed over the last few months, there should be many more names on that list!

      • Eleanor

        Oh, yes Elizabeth. We know McCain and Flake should be on that list. Especially turncoat traitor Songbird McCain!

      • Steven

        We do NOT have a democracy. It is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Erase Democracy from your mind.

      • John Bearden

        Bzzzzzzzz. Wrong answer. We’re SUPPOSED to have a Republc. Thanks to Libtards and Neocons, we essentially live in a 2 Party Oligarchy. Trump is certainly not perfect, and wasn’t even my first choice, but in the end, I couldn’t classify him as just another lesser of evils. He was in fact the only viable alternative to the Bush-Clinton Dynasty since the late 80s. The kind of hatred directed against Trump is more than partisan, it is Anti-American. When they hate Trump they hate and certainly disrespect the MAJORITY of American voters. Intelligent people NEVER bought the BS that Queen Bitch Hillary won the popular vote!

      • Kevin

        100% correct. Like the old saying If your not part of the solution ,you’re part of the problem

      • Denise W

        So, so right, John Bearden. President Trump aggravates me at least once a day for one reason or another (usually a tweet) but I stand behind him and what he’s trying to do for our country 100%. I have big problems with Richard Burr for a few things and my Congressman Mark Meadows also. We need to do our part as voters to help drain the swamp in the next election instead of just bitching about it. God bless President Trump, Vice President Pence, their families and

      • xianis

        I agree with your sentiments exactly. Can’t wait for her Big Fall. The Bush/Clinton steamrollers are finished. Arrogant, decaying vestiges of of corruption & personal vendettas. May they be denuded of any false pretense of taking care of our Republic & walk down the road of Shame & Guilt.

      • wildfire

        We know what we have and we still demand loyalty to the Constitution they all swore to uphold. All they’re thinking about is how much they can get or steal from the American people. Lining their pockets, that’s all!!!!!

      • Judi M

        Denise: you’re right – I live in Burr and Meadows district. the only reason Burr is still in DC is because no one ever runs against him – if another repub ran against him I’d vote for the new candidate – Burr has been in office almost since I moved here in 1989 – too damn long with no competition. As for Meadows, I’m surprised at him – he’s usually a good guy – I will say in Meadows defense, the reason he stood his ground against Ryan’s healthcare bill was because it was a lousy bill – Meadows was on the peoples side on that one.

      • Ila

        There are way too many RINO’s in D.C. I am totally ashamed of our party. What ever happened to standing tall and supporting whomever was elected into the White House. The people of this country spoke and now his own party along with the dumocraps won’t even stand beside him and do the people’s will. Hummm they are what you call “replaceable.” And it will happen.


      Nothing but CORRUPTION in this picture . All they are worried about is lining they’re pockets and could care less about TEXANS

      • Jackie

        I agree with you, makes me so darn mad, wish we could just kick them to the curb!

      • Fannie Park

        You can believe that. That goes to show you, you had better pay attention.

      • Fannie Park

        You can believe that. That goes to show you, you had better pay attention. The problem is a lot of them has no one running against them. So they stay a fixture.

    • KayNelson

      You really pegged it. You are totally correct.unfortunately 2 of those Senators represent my home state of Mississippi—Thad Cochran & Roger Wicker. See what we are up against. Both have been there way to long. Term Limits–but we will never get it as long as this old guard remain in seats of power.

      • Don Douglass

        Kay, the Constitution lets us impose term limits on Congress without their permission or vote. Get involved and get your friends involved.

      • William walker

        Convention of states.Article 5 of the constitution spells out the requirements and several states have already called for it…lend your voice and let us all help them be accountable to do their job and get out! Statesmen, not politicians!!!!!

      • Richard Guthrie

        Don you nailed it. Yes we can enact term limits from on the state level. Congress cannot stop it. Everyone- we need term limits to completely drain the swamp. Please act now to make this happen.

      • Rev. Greene

        Those who have been long timers have gotten the impression that they are exempt from accountability to the voters that put them there and that is where they heads get swelled up. Once this happens they can be bought by special interest groups who use their money to buy their votes and loyalty and this robs the voters of what they deserve. Let’s clean house and Senate.

      • yogiman

        Why do people keep voting them back in office? I’ve never voted for one for more than 2 terms. The first term is to “learn” them and the 2nd only if they represent we, the people, for the 2nd.

        Then it’s time for them to go home and go back to work to earn a retirement.

      • Sam

        quit voteing them back into office.. how simple can it get

    • Mary

      Next election cycle I say vote for change and remove these twenty from office with a true Republican that will work for US not themselves

    • Leigh

      Johnny Isakson just remember you won by a GA vote, the next election we can vote the other way. Remember Trump carried GA. You are disgracing GA.

    • Beverly Thorpe

      I’m not sure that you are right, Eldon Wise. Cornyn, Tim Scott, Orin Hatch – these are not the younger, liberal people of congress. These are upright, honorable members of the Congress. Frankly, before judging, I would like to know what their thinking is about the issue. Maybe we need to have more than 66,000, for picking fruit, helping those farmers and ranchers. 264,000 seems high to me, maybe a compromise can be reached. I need to know, and so do you…..what’s the president’s thinking and what is the thinking of these 20 members of congress, before deciding if we agree or not. Truly, most American citizens are NOT wanting this kind of labor job so let’s get more information and making an informed view.

      • beau

        you are correct they are not the younger ones–they are the ones who have been in so long and have more given to them under the table than some others do–They need to be called home and told either do what the people want or pack their bags their replacement is on their way

      • Lucia

        Maybe YOU should get informed instead of throwing in you own statistic that AMERICANS don’t want these jobs. Whatever they are! We’re SICK AND TIRED of ILLEGALS stealing from either our Government Aid, which is OUR tax dollars, and protecting Criminal Aliens that should have LONG been deported~

    • Marc Manne

      I agree with you Eldon but what concerns me is how will you ever get Congress to agree on term limits?

    • Larry Wirthlin

      I am behind this a 100% . Term limites is the best thing that could happen.

    • Lola

      I agree with you 100 percent. They need to go today. The other problem is that the lazy Americans that would rsther stay on food stamps will now have to work. We get rid of the illegals. They will have no choice but to go to work. Jobs will be open for them.

    • Mamaw5

      I agree…the two, Cochran and Wicker from MS will never get my vote again!

      • Ida Mae White

        I am also from Mississippi and they will never get my vote either.

      • Bea Woods

        Mine either. They are not for us only themselves. Very disappointing.

    • Doug

      Did see McCain on the list. Probably the biggest turncoat of all!

      • joe

        Right Doug Songbird McCain the biggest rat in the nest a jealous vindictive piece of shit who don’t know when to get off the fkin stage he’s toast no hero songbird moniker was given to him by his fellow pow s

      • Eleanor

        His captors also laughed and called him Song Bird!! I think Arizona needs a ballot recount desperately. No one I talked to even BEFORE the primary and especially AFTER the general 2016 elections wanted him in office. Think maybe I should have asked these liberal democrats in office here, or perhaps all the illegals and zombies that voted?? I guess I travel in the wrong circles? Not even a whisper back from asking how to get a ballot recount. Not even from those now campaigning for my vote!!

    • Pam Bowling

      Anyone interested in Term Limits should call this number: 800-747-1125.


      I agree with you Eldon! We all should petition President Trump for exactly what you’ve stated here!

    • uptheante99

      CONVENTION OF STATES; Term Limits for ALL, Pensions removed, Healthcare the same for Congress as the people, immediate removal from office for any collusion, corruption, Pay to play, fraud, etc., Balanced Budget..etc

    • Claudette Varnon

      I totally agree with you. I just copied all 20 names and you can bet I will have them when I go vote . This group will not get my vote when they come up for re election. We need good honest men and women representing we the people.

    • Cecile

      You hit the nail on the head! There is no other reason…unless they are on George Soros’s payroll.

    • Terray

      Cut out all the H-2B visas! Deport all Muslims and those turn coat damnpublicans. There all as useless as tits on a Boar. They make real AMERICANS SICK! Soros is probably keeping them loaded down with plenty of money and n return they have to fight against my President TRUMP. He’s going to push to make AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN even with 1/2 of his cabinet. Those dumb Son of a BITCHES will be voted out the next time up! They are the Elitist that like Damocrats, think they’re above the law! i really hope that Sessions and his crew really go after the Pizzagate! That will probably shed light on why their against our President!

    • refrock

      My impression, there are a number of Republicans who are also globalists. THAT is the reason they conspire against President Trump! He is upsetting their applecart by taking a stand for American sovereignty, by striving to preserve our Constitution, by working to bring back our economy and to ensure our national security! I am ashamed to see that our Missouri Senator is on this list! NOT standing for Americans. :'(

    • Carrie

      This is the way we must go!!!! Just as Ford Motors has had to cut their retirement packages, and the Government itself has cut packages given to faithful, long term workers….so should the Congressmen and Senators. We just cannot sustain the level any longer!!!!!!!

    • Mary Hasting

      We already have term limits. It’s called the voting booth. Some of these Congress men and women have no one running against them. Get like-minded people in your community together, then find someone in your State government that you agree with. Convince them to run for office, then get everyone behind them. Even if your candidate doesn’t win the first time, try again in two years. Maybe if nothing else, this will be a wake up call for the ones elected that they are not invincible. We have a little over a year to accomplish this. Research, research, research ALL candidates you are voting for. Right down to the dog-catcher in your city.

  2. Patricia A Guenther

    Wow, this list does not contain the name of two of the biggest traitors, John McCain and Paul Ryan.

    • ScarletRoseRed

      Nor Ted Cruz who is running “SILENT” these days trying to shore up damage he did as a Presidential Candidate, which doesn’t cancel the fact he proved to Dallas News with the AUTHORIZED HELP of the Canadian Govt in 2013 that he was a CANADIAN CITIZEN at that time BORN Canadian of ONE SINGLE CITIZENSHIP, ALONE. Since Canada didn’t accept DUAL Citizen ship in that time frame, and his parents didn’t eschew the Canadian, but Registered him as such AND DID NOT REGISTER HIM AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.
      EVER. As father of the North American Union, he is playing mighty fancy games with us.
      Sad to say, I voted for him as Texas Senator and was darned proud of it when I did it. Shame on me for that!

      • Eleanor

        NO SHAME TO YOU BUT TO HIM, SCARLETROSERED. He was my favorite at the start of the campaigning, then Trump entered the picture. So!! I didn’t like the personality of this ”businessman”. At first, but Megan Kelly’s venom spitting actions and concentration on one candidate made me curious enough to check him out. Despite his abrasive personality, he was telling the truth people needed to hear. So I decided a Trump/Cruz ticket ideal. Then I caught some bad sour notes from and about Cruz. My trust in him teetered, but then I checked him out and my trust shattered!! It hurt bad, I admit, but I got over it. My Cruz file is filled with data on NWO proponents Ted & Heidi Cruz. I sure don’t trust him!! Just about as far as I trust Ryan, McCain, Rubio, Kasich, and other rhinos.

      • wildfire

        I can’t believe you believed all the CRAP you read about Cruz after he was running ahead of Trump. All a bunch of garbage. He is a wonderful man, a family man and a true conservative whose never done a bad thing in his life. He has fought the good fight in Congress and was not liked by the Rino’s because of his staunch conservatism. Have you forgotten his 24 hr. fillibuster. Come on, grow up, and get your facts straight. He is a citizen of the United States and most intelligent people know that.

    • Claudette Varnon

      I will add them to my list . However those two are already in my Radar. John McCain should have gone Long Ago. He is no Repunlivam on my book.

  3. Bwn

    Texans are watching Mr. Cornyn’s positions and he might wind up in trouble when he comes up for re-election.

    • Bruce E. Smith

      Senator, I am in your district and you are not representing our/my wishes. If you don’t change that I will work against you your next election here in Montgomery County Texas.

    • Joe Kidd

      All Texans need is a good candidate to support so Cornyn can get voted out. From all indications, that is why he is still in office. He flip-flops on many issues, but flops more than he flips. BUT, whatever means that it would take to recall or whatever process that needs to be instilled and activated to get these traitors out of office before the next election cycle comes around. After all that is some 20 months away! No time for this kind of waiting and giving these turncoats the opportunity to continue to imposed their own personal beliefs on the American people. Time is of the essence here and this ball needs to get rolling!

      • thomas

        Texas will vote on convention of states soon. Advise your state congressmen to vote yes.

      • ScarletRoseRed


  4. Paula Sturgess

    And the Visa program needs to be dropped back down to a more realistic number. And update the sytem to better track expired visas.

  5. Paula Sturgess

    Thirty-one Senators signed a letter asking Homeland Security to maximize the number of blue collar outsourcing visas that allow U.S. based corporations to import low-skilled workers instead of hiring Americans to do the work. This is how they keep are wages down!!They have a motive for everything they do!

    • ScarletRoseRed

      Ted Cruz is a LEADER in that pressing petition, as the Father of the North American Union, married to the Mother of the Noth American Union.

      Is Ted Cruz an advocate of a North American Union?
      Posted on April 4, 2015 by Dr. Eowyn
      7. Increase Labor Mobility within North America
      “To make the most of the impressive pool of skill and talent within North America, the three countries should look beyond the NAFTA visa system.

      In the last part of the Task Force’s report, “Additional and Dissenting Views,” Heidi S. Cruz wrote (pp. 33-34):
      “I support the Task Force report and its recommendations aimed at building a safer and more prosperous North America. Economic prosperity and a world safe from terrorism and other security threats are no doubt inextricably linked. While governments play an invaluable role in both regards, we must emphasize the imperative that economic investment be led and perpetuated by the private sector. There is no force proven like the market for aligning incentives, sourcing capital, and producing results like financial markets and profit-making businesses. This is simply necessary to sustain a higher living standard for the poorest among us—truly the measure of our success. As such, investment funds and financing mechanisms should be deemed attractive instruments by those committing the capital and should only be developed in conjunction with market participants.”
      Now you know why, despite his blustering against Obama’s executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in this country, on March 27, 2015, Ted Cruz indicated he “remains open to a path to legal status for undocumented workers.”

    • refrock

      We need to get more Americans off of welfare and in jobs! I say, stop importing people, when we have over 50% of our own people on welfare! We have how many homeless? Seems, our government has created a nation of “consumers” with no jobs?? Something needs to change…?

  6. Donald

    I agree with term limit. Give them the same retirement and health care they have given us. 6 yrs and out , 1/3 of congress replaced every two years. They are supposed to be working for us.

  7. Mary

    They just don’t get it. We the people voted for Trump so get over yourself and do the people’s bidding. Or you will lose in the next election!!!!



  8. Dolly Day

    There are two men on this list from my state of Mississippi. I hope the voters remember the names Wicker and Cochran on next Election Day. Shame on them for not supporting the president.

    • Sonia goode

      Amen!! They think they are not responsible to the people of MS! Wake up! We could recall you!!

  9. paul krzyszton

    They need to get to work, on their calendar they are only working 8 days in April! They say that they need to go back to their district. WTF ? They don’t listen to the people they represent, they go back to D.C. and do what they want, it’s time to clean house again! Let your voice be heard at the ballot box

  10. Bob

    We must hold them accountable. They have been cooped by lobby interests instead of what the people who voted them in want. They will pay a price.

  11. Val

    They are afraid of losing all the easy money and perks they are getting is going to come to an end. They are no better than the liberals. It’s time for the people to put a stop to them. Term limits, no free health care and no more checks when they are done with their jobs. They all live high off the hog at our expense.

  12. linda f briseno

    Where is John McCain and Paul Ryan? Liberals, we need term limits, no free health care, no more checks when they are out of office. They need to live by the rules they make for the rest of the U.S.

  13. Maria

    I started out working at age 13 with working papers at the farmers market every summer. after I got my drivers license I took a job at McDonalds after school. after that I worked at a porcelain factory as a glove mold inspector.. after graduating High School I started my Job with General Motors… I worked non stop for 30 years. I retired at age 49. the American Dream. If those start jobs were not there for me I would not have learned GOOD Work Ethics, I would have no integrity, or respect for my employer. I want the American Dream for my Kids, my Grandchildren, and all AMERICANS.

    • Richard Guthrie

      Maria, I respect you for the way you have conducted your work ethic. You are a role model.

  14. Carmen

    These RINOs are just jealous because in all the time they have been in office, they have done nothing to make us proud. They are part of the establishment and should step down for their incompetence.

  15. Coleen Harrell

    Amen! If you are against Trump and his policies you are against the American people and its time for you to go! We are fed up with you politicians that won’t do your jobs!

  16. Ida Hobgood

    Where are the top three traitors Ryan McCain and Graham? Did they come clean and admit they are liberals paid by Clinton and Soros to take down our Great President Mr. Trump?! Americans must come first and many will work if given the opportunity! Many employers want to pay for cheap labor and they get what they pay for! We need term limits, this would help now to do away with the Obama leftovers those who refused to show up at the meeting today, is another good example of them not even trying to help the President who deserves our respect! We don’t need to raise the cap higher to get immigrants to do the work Americans can do in my opinion!

  17. Merlin S. Bradley

    One question to you fake Republicans, how would you have dealt with Hillary Clinton as president, it is about time for you to get on board with your party, and join our president, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. What you at doing will not help. It only hinders..

  18. Eileen Smith

    I am from Missour and I am appauled that Roy Blunt from Missouri is one of them.
    I thought he had more sense and more morals than to be a turn coat against the Rpb party and\against President Trump. He has been in office too long and needs to be replaced by
    someone who do his best to help turn this country around. I won’t vote for him again.

  19. Candace Occhipintu

    I was thinking the HB2 visas. Were used to hire workers to pick crops, that is a job that migrant workers do and Americans are not willing to do.Picking produce is hard back breaking work..especially in the hot,humid south.I notice Jonny Issackdon is on that list..He is from Georgia where agriculture is a big part of the economy..If the HB2..Doesn’t deal with temporary ag workers why is he against it?

  20. Larry Morgan

    John Cornyn and Lidsey Graham both should go on over to the Democratic Party because they sure don’t act like Republicans.!!!

  21. Esta Smith

    Thad Cochran is my Senator, he is a Republican in name only…he is not representative of the Conservative people of MS

  22. David L. Cox

    Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker are both on the list. No surprise to me.

  23. yogiman

    They obviously aren’t true Republicans, they’re just a group of RINOs.

  24. linda woodcock

    I am surprised at my Senator, surerly she knows that We The People elected the new President of the United States.

  25. Sue

    Eldon i absolutely agree with you 110%!!
    Maybe an investigation needs to be done on these republican dems!!

  26. Paul Adams

    Let’s see…The Congress that has to pass Term Limits is the same body that it will have a Term-Limiting effect on. Right? Fat chance!

  27. Carol Starley

    This better not be true Johnny Isakson. We the people of the great state of Georgia will remember. We voted for Pres. Trump and as our senator we expect YOU to represent US. I voted for you but don’t think that can’t change next time!

  28. Christina Thatcher

    It seems that too many people just vote because they know that person’s name, thus so many repeatedly voted back in. People need to research their candidates and check out their voting records.

  29. Sharon Stephens

    We are going to be certain our South Carolina representative is voted out……Time for a change.

  30. Betty Clark

    That’s just what I expected. They have been there to long to care about the people that put them there. They such up to the establishment . The state of Mississippi voted for Donald Trump for President because the people of Ms. WANTED HIM and if Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran represent the state of Ms. Not Washington DC they are obligated to support Donald Trump like it or not. Republications should stick and get something done.

  31. Judy Lacheney

    I am surprised and disappointed to see my Senator Richard Burr from NC on the list. Oh well, if this list is accurate and not just some scam like a lot of the posts are, Mr. Burr will not get my vote in the next election. He rode in on President Trump’s coat-tail and now is a turncoat! 2018 is coming, and we won’t soon forget this!

    • Wayne Drum

      Agree Judy! I am so disappointed in Burr but I think he is owes too much to his big contributors!

  32. Lynda

    I say if they are Pedophiles and Sessions has the proof then arrest them.

  33. Lloyd Lorenson

    I see one of Miss. Senators has decided to run with this one. Sen Cochran please don’t forget the folks that elected you can remember ever time you thumb your nose at us and the President that we voted for. I for one will not tolerate division from Trumps choices.

  34. RonH

    All long time corrupted politicians for sure. You’ll be able to trace donations to them all back to Soros, and or the Koch Brothers. When politicians are owned by corporate or billionaire donors, American people never get what they want, they get what the politicians donors want, and it’s been that way for far too long now. Time for a change, time to drain the swamp in Washington, time for term limits, and time to rid Washington of lobbyists. And it is certainly time for Trump to “Make America Great Again !”.

  35. ag

    President Trump will prevail and these out-for-themselves idiots will fail.

  36. Roy Whiteeagle

    Ten limits we the people need to band together and remove the power from the politicians we need to come together. That’s how they always defeat us they keep us apart . Let’s get together. If I see a petition here or a means for us to come together I am in!

  37. Roy Whiteeagle

    Term limits we the people need to band together and remove the power from the politicians we need to come together. That’s how they always defeat us they keep us apart . Let’s get together. If I see a petition here or a means for us to come together I am in!

  38. Lucy

    Yes, we do need to apply pressure to these senators and representatives, and get them out of government. Every state needs concerned citizens to participate. We need people who are good at organizing in each state. I do believe it is time for ‘we the people’ to take an active part in both state and federal government if we want change.

  39. Danny carter

    James LangfordYou have some explaining to do to YOUR Oklahoma voters!

  40. Karen salazar

    http://linkis.com/com/E5xz4 Please look up the UN is sneaking in male refuges into the USA by plane where they r taking to room at airport giving citizenship, ssi cash welfare housing , they have diseases too we must stop this charities are paid 2500 per male they pick up and drop off at all cities

  41. Joseph Hackett

    All the congressman and congresswoman have an Email Adress, perhaps send All an Email and tell them your disapointment? This will have an effect if enough actually take the little time it does to involve one self.

  42. Neva Roa

    I not only voted for Cory Gardner from Colorado, but financially supported him. He betrayed us all and as a result, I will give him not one red cent, nor will I nor none of my family vote for him and will actively campaign against him. God willing, he will be a one term Senator.


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