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If you want to know exactly how crooked the Biden family is, you don’t have to look all that far.

All you really have to do is do the type of digging that would require one of those little plastic shovels you used to scoop sand into a bucket with at the beach.

Abuse of power is common in politics, and it seems the Bidens are at the top of the filthy heap.

I think we all know that politicians abuse the power of their elected offices.  Some do it for sex.  However, I think almost all politicians abuse their office to obtain money and they abuse their power.

Everyday when I open my mailbox and see a dozen political mailers, I can not help but think ‘you can bet your ass that these guys are all looking to score a HUGE ROI on the money spent for their flyers if they win.’  Politics is a business and Joe Biden has been in that business for 47 years.

If the allegations that Mark Meadows is making are true, it sounds like the Biden Crime Family has syphoned off hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes and pay for play schemes.  If these allegations are true and the FBI and DOJ knew about this (which I’m sure they did, and I’m sure they are complicit) they need to be tried for Misprision of Treason, ASAP.

The Gateway Pundit reported: ‘White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows joined Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria on Wednesday morning.

At one point Mark Meadows told Maria that whistleblowers allege the Biden Crime Family was involved in “hundreds of millions of dollars” in money laundering.’

Here is the transcript of the interview:

Bartiromo:  The commission on presidential debates changing the topic from foreign policy to all this other stuff they want to focus on coronavirus because I guess that’s where they believe the president is vulnerable is foreign policy going to come up does it matter that vice president Biden was doing deals on the side while he was negotiating foreign policy for the United States of America?

Mark Meadows:  Well it’s got to come up not just from a national security standpoint which is one of the topics but from a leadership standpoint it will come up it has to come up and if I were Joe Biden I’d worry about tomorrow night because the kinds of questions he’ll get to answer, even if the moderator does not ask them, certainly he’ll get asked those types of questions and he’ll have a chance to respond.

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6 Responses

  1. toots

    The FBI will charge everyone involved in exposing the biden they are under the Dem/commie protection agency (FBI) Bidens will not be charged and go to jail just like comey and all the others are walking free and unless the ones running the FBI, CIA, DOJ are moved and new blood brought in from real life it wont change.

  2. neo

    The Justice system in America works like this….If a taxpayer is suspected of a major crime the police rush in with warrant in hand and arrest suspect/suspects and lock them up until court date if they can’t make bail….then they go to trial…..In the political arena the politicians are accused of major crimes of treason and money laundering by multiple sources, evidence produced given to the FBI/DOJ which sit on the information for a minimum of six months to a year and then finally decide not to prosecute…

    • Herrmann Glockler

      Time to change how political justice works, make it mulre like the Justice system works for the commom Joe/Jeanette

  3. Jesse

    If there is a crime in DC you will find a Democrap at the center and if it involves the Obozo Admin then Pedo Joe is neck deep in it.


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