One of the things that you have to understand about Democrats is that they are a pretty vengeful lot.

I have had plenty of friends that are Democrats over the years and not once have I thought of giving them a hard time after an election where their person lost. Even in 2016.

It’s just not right, but there are some Democrats where if they find someone that they disagree with they want to ruin their lives up to and including harming the way by which they earn a living.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats Progressive-Socialists like New Jersey’s Bill Pascrell are discussing the ultimate screw-over of their Republican opponents for Supporting President Trump.

In a tweet that would look like satire at any other time in recent history Rep. Pascrell, Jr. demands that Pelosi refuse to seat the 126 members of the House who supported the Texas v. Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan & Pennsylvania motion dismissed by SCOTUS.

Progressives and Liberals Uniting to Screw-Over Trump Supporters

According to a Social-Justice Blogsite support LGBT causes, this insanity is a perfectly reasonable. The NCRM improperly cite the 14th Amendment which was designed to prevent former politicians turned Confederate from rejoining Congress. In their fever dream of ousting Republican Trump Supporters. They wrote:

“That’s because Section 3 of the 14th Amendment literally says that anyone who has tried to rebel against the Constitution after having pledged to protect it can’t hold political office. This would include any GOP House members who signed onto an amicus brief supporting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s bogus Supreme Court case seeking to toss hundreds of thousands of votes in four swing states, so that Trump can steal a democratically decided election.”

Apparently Supporting The President in a Legal Motion is Treason

Representative Pascrell, Jr. is clearly no Constitutional scholar. He alleges that following the judicial process as defined in the Constitution to adjudicate the electoral process and controversies between states is an act of treason. Pascrell, an Army Veteran, former high school teacher and two-time Mayor of Patterson, NJ is 83 years old.

Sadly, Pascrell has apparently lost touch with reality. What makes this all the more frightening is that his also Octogenarian Speaker and Septuagenarian candidate are similarly prone to severe lapses of sanity.

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