Iraqi Christians who were unable to leave their homes in Northern Iraq are being crucified by the terrorist group ISIS. Refugees who have escaped their terror tell about the horrific things they had to go through living under the rule of ISIS (also known as IS, ISIL and Daesh).

A large number of people who are being tortured, enslaved and killed by ISIS are Yazidi but many fail to report the persecution going on against Christians.

From Christian Post:

One Iraqi Christian, who is referred to by the pseudonym Marijam, told ADF International about the fate of her brother, who was killed by IS after they stormed his home in the Nineveh Plains.

After IS stormed her brother’s home, she said militants began to beat him in front of his family because he was a Christian. She said that when her brother tried to retaliate, IS militants immediately pushed him back down and told him: “We will crucify you like your dog, Jesus Christ.”

Marijam explained that the militants beat and stabbed her brother with various weapons in front of his wife and children for about five hours. After the brutal torture, she said they nailed her brother’s hands down to a wooden plank and erected him on a cross. She added that her brother was left to hang before being shot in the mouth in front of his family.

This is nothing short of disgusting and I hope that our new President Trump is successful at keeping these Islamic terrorists out of America! Read the whole story here…

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