You would think that I would be angry at that present moment, but I actually wasn’t. I was in a pretty good mood. The reason is that I knew my car was taken care of and that the person felt bad about what happened so there was no reason to pile on. My stuff could be replaced. Why people shoot people over car accidents is beyond silly.
Charles Nicholas Wall, 45, and his stepdaughter Laura Ashley Anderson, 21, were shot and killed following a car accident on Monday in Georgetown, South Carolina. A third shooting victim, Paul McConnell, survived the road rage attack, according to WPDE-TV.

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office identified the suspect as Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters III, 23, from Moncks Corner.

The shooting happened around 5 p.m. on Aug. 24 when the stepfather went to deliver keys to Anderson after she accidentally locked herself out of her newly purchased home. She had just moved in and was selling an old set of bunk beds to someone online, who was coming over to pick up the items.

Wall’s car was allegedly rear-ended as he turned into the driveway of Anderson’s home. Walters reportedly got out of his vehicle and shot Wall, Anderson, and McConnell.

“It actually happened in her yard, waiting for the keys to get to her,” Lynn Lambert, a close friend of the family, told WPDE-TV.

According to WB-TV, when law enforcement arrived at the scene, one of the victims had already been taken to the hospital, and a second was being given CPR by an emergency medical technician. McConnell was walking around with a gunshot wound to his left wrist. Wall was shot at least twice in the head and torso, Fox News reported. Anderson was shot at least once in the head.

Walters allegedly fled the scene by foot and ran into the woods. Police immediately established a perimeter and apprehended Walters around 6:30 p.m., according to the Georgetown Times’ Post and Courier.

Walters was charged with two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and the illegal possession of a firearm. He was denied bail by the judge.

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  1. Ron Hopkins

    Where is WLM? Oh we don’t have one because that would be racist! Are the communist fake news covering this black on white murder? Probably not because it doesn’t fit their narrative of white supremacy! All lives matter and this scumbag black man ( yes he was black) should be beaten to death with bats ( just like if he was white). This shit needs to stop and stop now! Shut down this communistic run BLM and Antifa! Arrest the slime George Soros for trying to overthrow our country! Let’s reelect Trump and get our country back on the right track that President Trump had it going before the left and China shut it down. I think they both worked together to shut down our great economy so to hurt Trump. Neither one wants Trump in office. President Trump has the Democratic Party, China, Russia, the deep state, Obama, Soros, Iran, North Korea, Hollywood, the fake news of ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC and newspapers, sports stars and sports stations, progressive military traitors, and even some in the Republican party trying to stop his agenda to MAGA. But, he’s still out there busting his ass to fight against all of these communistic self serving power hungry scum who back stab him continually! I would never have thought that anyone would come and fight for the American citizens like President Trump has done. This is our last chance to fix America yet so many in power hate not only President Trump but our Constitution and our country! Get out and vote President Trump in if you love your country! Also vote Republican because most will work with our president. Long live America and her love for freedom! Never give in! Nuff said!

  2. Wisewolf

    I personally believe that person should be taken out and shot in public. There was no sane reason for his actions besides an insane hatred for anyone not Black.
    Lives can not be brought back, but people like him will learn not to go off on a rampage of that nature ever again if they knew their actions would cost their lives.

    • Rattlerjake

      He should be “slow” hanged, meaning string him up and slowly remove the chair/platform from under him. The saddest part about all of this is how whites are so ignorant about blacks. Whites have been indoctrinated to believe that the negro is a race of man when the Bible clearly states otherwise, and science PROVES otherwise. The denominational church organizations are responsible for Christians being lead away from GOD’s doctrine and laws and being deceived into accepting the lies of man/worshippers of satan! GOD said they have evil ways and violence in their hands!

  3. Donald Nicholas

    It’s sick, but, you know, I have absolutely no desire to burn down the downtown, assault a policeman or steal a flat screen. Must be the consrrv in me showing through. Funny how things like this that doesn’t agree with the media’s narrative barely get mentioned.

  4. Bruce Walters

    This man is no better than a rabid dog, and needs to be euthanized, the same with others of his kind

  5. DRLJR

    This is also an example of why Blacks, as a group, are viewed negatively in many cases. When one looks at the pattern of behavior Blacks, as a group, are constantly engaging in one has to consider unknown Black individuals a possible threat. This is unfortunate but look at the problems in Urban areas. Then when one adds in the constant excuse making for the bad behavior it just compounds the issues.

  6. Jesse

    The shooter if proven guilty should be given death and it should be carried out right after the verdict is read. The method of his death should be being dragged down the street at a slow speed this way he is slowly ground to death and so everyone can see his death. He should be made an example of what real Justice looks like. To kill two people for a minor fender bender SCREAMS I am FAR TO IGNORANT to live. It also SCREAMS I am far far to VILE and EVIL to be allowed to live if he has children they need kept away from him forever. Sadly he won’t get what he should some Money grubbing Lawyer will do everything to get him off or some LIBERAL IDIOT will try to make it out that the ones shot were the bad people and the shooter was a victim of RACISM.

  7. General Bull Krapper

    So, will the NBA, MLB & NHL cancel any games because of this. Oh, wait! Black on white doesn’t fit the narrative. I keep forgetting that “Thug Lives Matter”. Anyone else feel as if we’re living in an alternate world where down is up & evil is good? Sounds like the planet should be renamed “Liberalia” or some such idealistic utopian drivel.


  8. art

    If it was in NY , Walters wouldn’t need to post bail . They just let him go . And Mets tickets if he shows up again.


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