A video capturing a woman’s ecstatic reaction to receiving a welfare application response from the Department of Social Services has gone viral.

The woman, who had been eagerly awaiting the letter, excitedly runs into her house and tears open the envelope as she sits on the couch. Initially, she struggles to understand the letter’s content, which states that her case is “fully favorable.” After seeking help from others in the room and continuing to read, she finally realizes that she has been approved for welfare benefits. Her response is a mixture of jubilation and relief, akin to winning the lottery.

The woman’s family members had their cell phones ready to capture the moment, indicating that the news was highly anticipated. The letter reveals that her claim dates back several years, suggesting that she may receive retroactive benefits from the time she first applied. As the video spreads across social media, viewers have dubbed it “outrageous.”

However, not all reactions to the video have been positive. After learning that the woman was awarded a “non-disability” claim, some viewers, identifying themselves as hard-working taxpayers, expressed anger and concern. They worried that the woman would become complacent and dependent on welfare, unmotivated to improve her situation. The comments on social media were generally unsympathetic and critical.

Debra Davis, for instance, referred to the family as “white trash,” while Joe Tuna voiced his frustration with the welfare system’s potential for abuse. Jill Last suggested that authorities should watch the video and reconsider their evaluation process, and Donald Wood argued that people should strive for more in life than merely relying on welfare.

The majority of viewers seemed to question whether this woman truly deserved the assistance, but it’s important to remember that a single video may not provide enough information to make a fair judgment. Regardless, the woman’s ability to move swiftly and energetically to retrieve the letter did not go unnoticed by those who watched the viral clip.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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