A woman from Arizona says she’s ready to hire a bodyguard to stop men from hitting on her in public — because she’s just that hot and sexy. 

Monica Huldt, 37, lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she hits the gym at least five times a week – and is chatted up by men every time.

Although the Polish native, who has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, finds it flattering that men find her attractive, she’s fed up with having to bypass unwanted advances while working on her fitness routine.

Before you go rolling your eyes, and saying it’s a good problem to have, actually take the time to think about it. Imagine fending off advances every single day, during a sweat sesh where you were hoping to be anonymous and go unnoticed the whole time. It’s not a very comfortable thought.

Huldt said she is willing to put as much as $3,000 a month ($36k a year) on the line to secure a bodyguard to help her have her quiet workout sessions stay uninterrupted.

“Working out and exercising is super important to me as I do it not just for my physical health but my mental well-being,” she told the Daily Mail.

“He wouldn’t even have to do that much work. Just coming with me to the gym and some photo shoots. I wouldn’t want to have him around 24/7. That would be too much,” she clarified.

But a personal bodyguard might actually make sense for the Instagram model: Huldt has had several scary encounters over the years, one of which included a stalker.

“This guy would text me pretending to be other people, like the lady that does my eyelashes, a photographer I’ve worked with, and even a doctor. It was super creepy, and I had to block all the numbers he would text from. I still have no real idea who he was. He was just this random man,” she told the tabloid.

In another instance, a man allegedly tried to pull her into an alley when she was in Sweden.

“I was waiting for the train, and a guy started trying to chat me up. When I tried to leave because my train came, he grabbed my leg as I was running up the stairs at the train station and tried to pull me into an alley,” Huldt told The Mirror.

“Thankfully, people came, and he ran off, but it was so scary. I shudder at what might have happened if he hadn’t been interrupted,” she continued.

While it does make Huldt “feel good” that so many men find her “attractive,” she just “wants to be left alone so she can get in and get out [of the gym].”

Huldt shared she is happily married. She told The Mirror that her husband isn’t worried about the many men who try in vain to court his wife. He is, however, concerned for her safety, especially when she’s alone.

Sources: AWM, DailyMail

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  1. stevor

    sure, she doesn’t want to be oggled and that’s why she poses for so many provocative photos?
    Sounds like something a mentally ill liberal would believe


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