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A lawyer in New York was purchasing items at his local grocery store when he encountered a Muslim woman buying a huge cart full of soda using her food stamp card.


From her conversation, he quickly learned that the soda wasn’t for her or her family, however, but was being purchased with food stamps so she could then re-sell at her convenience store.


When he confronts her in the parking lot to tell her she is stealing money from taxpayers, she instantly goes into a violent foul-mouthed rage where she tells Americans exactly what she thinks of them.


7 Responses

  1. Conrad Geier

    I am Retired Military Intel Officer and was assigned to the Mideast here is a warning all Muslims Should be Removed from the US if not we will all regreat it

  2. Ox

    I hate to say it. We deserve it. We allow this to happen by electing the liberal commie democrats to political office. As long as the liberal commie Democrats are in office the corruption will continue.

  3. Old wolf

    How does a Muslim get into our government ? Who left this happen ? Last I heard Muslims were not aloud in our government yet here we have a few of them . And they show where they stand , and it’s not for the USA but rather their old countrys . We will live to regret this . I know I didn’t vote for any Muslims , never will . They will never be true Americans and always fight against us

  4. Robert Higginbotham

    That woman should have been reported to the authorities rather than confronted and her store shut down. Most Muslims hate our country, they want to remake it using the vile, disreputable and totally foreign Shariah law.

  5. Ron Hopkins

    This is the true face of Islam. “ Fuck America!” That’s what 99.9% of these vile thirteenth century camel f::kers believe. Their Koran tells them that telling lies to further the Islamic cause is ok. Their mission is to dominate the world with their disgusting cult! They come right out and say it! And the left believes that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The left hates America and Islam hates America, so the work together to destroy America. Ever notice that when the Muslims are the minority they cry the victim and yell for minority rights, but when they become the majority there are no minority rights? They breed like rabbits because we pay for them to. Yes we! look at Europe and Great Britain, they are screwed! Their birth rate is no enough to keep their countries going so they imported Muslims. One big f::ken mistake. Now they can’t stop the takeover of their own countries. They even don’t report crimes by Muslims so they don’t get bad press. When you cater to Islam you will not become its friend but you will be seen as weak ( which you are) and they will bury you. We have Muslim military training camps in America! We have mosques spreading kill America. Saudi Arabia spends billions to spread Islam in America yet we kiss their ass! Wake up America!!!! We need another Civil War to get our country back !!!!! Nuff said!

  6. Jan923

    Don’t forget them also placing a foreign born president in office…that tried to destroy our country until Trump came along… Obama should be in Jail !!!


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