A lawyer in New York was purchasing items at his local grocery store when he encountered a Muslim woman buying a huge cart full of soda using her food stamp card.


From her conversation, he quickly learned that the soda wasn’t for her or her family, however, but was being purchased with food stamps so she could then re-sell at her convenience store.


When he confronts her in the parking lot to tell her she is stealing money from taxpayers, she instantly goes into a violent foul-mouthed rage where she tells Americans exactly what she thinks of them.


3 Responses

  1. Mark Little

    Muslims are uneducated human scum. This trash has never provided anything to mankind. Not one American should die in war for this scum.

  2. Babs

    Muslims are the lowest denomination of humans.Expected from this leach

  3. Ron Hopkins

    They cry minority rights when when the minority, but there are no minority rights when they are the majority. These f::kers try to take my country I will put some of these camel f::kers six feet under. Nuff said!


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