Kamala Harris described COVID-19 as an “opportunity” to transform society in a speech to the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month unity summit on Wednesday.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, I believe that we are at the start of a new era. I believe that we have a unique opportunity now to shape our nation’s future, to transform how we live, how we work, and how we vote for the better,” Harris said.

Last May, Joe Biden said we could use the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to fundamentally transform the country during his appearance on a LULAC virtual town hall.

“If we do this right, we have an incredible opportunity to not just dig out of this crisis but to fundamentally transform the country.”

Biden again vowed to “transform” the United States of America over the 2020 4th of July Holiday Weekend, saying his administration would more than simply “rebuild this nation”… “We’re going to beat Donald Trump. And when we do, we won’t just rebuild this nation — we’ll transform it,” said Biden on social media.

American patriots and conservatives alike were quick to call out Biden on Twitter.

Robby Starbuck replied, “The people doing the transforming if you were president are violent Marxists who you’d bend your knee to at every turn. We don’t want your transformation, Joe.” @robbystarbuck

“Obama said the same thing in 2008; you don’t get a do-over because you failed after 8 years,” said Jillian Anderson. @Jillie_Alexis

Jenna Ellis tweeted, “Transform = destroy.”

Sean Hannity, the conservative Fox News host, took to Twitter to call out Biden’s half thought-out statement.

Biden’s transformation promises were already witnessed by all Americans by the destruction of major US cities, Christians being beaten and persecuted by violent BLM rioters, and the defacing and removal of historic statues. This “transformation” is the last thing the American people need

Watch it here: GOP War Roon/Youtube, GOP War Roon/Youtube (2)

Sources: 100 percent fed up, REAL CLEAR POLITICS

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