If you have a bottle of Heinz ketchup in your refrigerator, I suggest you pause reading this article and throw it out right now.

The video below will make your stomach turn. The food we consume shouldn’t come from other countries, especially 3rd world countries whose population is 85% American hating Muslim’s. Would you trust someone who hates you touching your food? No, no way.

The video that has gone viral below proves exactly why food processing should be done here in America. You can see the Islamic employees carelessly throwing rotten tomatoes in for processing into ketchup…DISGUSTING!

| When video footage from a ketchup plant outside Cairo, Egypt went viral, Heinz quickly launched a PR campaign to cover their tracks. In the clip, footage demonstrates that rotten tomatoes are used at the plant to manufacture the world’s most popular ketchup brand.

In the short clip which is circulating the globe as you read this, one man stands on top an open box of tomato as he hurls the rotten food into the processing line.
Now that the clip has gone viral, the food giant announced that they are “100 percent committed to quality”. Meanwhile the video evidence seems to indicate that the quality on the Heinz production line seems to be “completely misleading and inaccurate.”




Heinz tried to cover this up by saying the video is “misleading”. The original Youtube video we were going to post was even taken down. Hopefully the one above doesn’t get taken down too. Share this story before it’s deleted and get rid of that nasty ketchup!

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  1. Drosack

    LOL Heinz going down…don’t let this get out. To late I saw it already.

  2. Babs

    Heinz has to be boycotted for many reasons and this one that is the worse.What SCUM HEINZ is just like John the LIAR Kerry

  3. Original Anna

    Why is Heinz in the first place making Heinz all the way over in Egypt when we have tomatoes being planted in abundance to the point a lot rots in the fields. It’s a plant that grows well just about in any soil. So unless the Heinz being made in Egypt stays there why is it coming over here where it has not passed health laws, unless rotten tomatoes in Heinz has been passing health laws here, after all it is the better tasting one. maybe rotten tomatoes gives it it’s taste.

    • Political Observer

      Same thing with China. Did you see the video of the employee with the masks for COVID, tossing them on the floor, stepping on them and urinating on them? Am also wondering about Chobani upstate NY almost all moslems…

  4. Ron Hopkins

    I don’t buy Heinz because both the Kerrys are f::ken scum! John Kerry is a f::ken traitor and should be hanging from a street light by the neck. His wife is a f::ken traitor to and should be sent over to a Muslim country so the slime Muslims can rape the f::ken shit out of this whore! F::ken traitors need to be dealt with harshly. Nuff said!


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