Despite receiving immense backlash from the left regarding his Executive Order temporarily banning the entry of Muslim immigrants/refugees from certain Middle Eastern countries, President Trump has proven that he is a President of all Americans.

While the left would have you believe that this is the most “Islamophobic” document on the planet, the EO Donald Trump signed is actually the most pro-LGBT, pro-minority action to come out of the government in a long time.

You see, while the media would like you to focus on the “bigoted” part of the order, blocking immigrants from countries with a rich history of terror, the rest of us are looking at the upside: we will no longer be forced to import individuals who potentially believe in the murder of gays for their sexual orientation, stoning women for being raped and thus “committing adultery”, and marrying children. If you can’t see why this is a good thing, you might need help.

This image was posted on Twitter and is being circulated by those who see the temporary immigration ban as a positive:

You can read the full text of the Executive Order here Or The REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE

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