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Due to health concerns for a member of my family, I have not left my property a total of about a dozen times in the past year. Now, let me be clear, I own about thirty acres of property that has been in my family for generations.

I have a garage that could double as a small grocery store, and I have a series of golf carts that I use to get across the property it if is longer than a walk. I have solar panels on my house and I use rainwater for the bulk of my water needs. I am as off the grid as someone can possibly get without being on a private island. Now, I am fortunate but there are others that have been confined to small apartments for the past year.

That being said, I have not been affected by the so-called limits all that much because we can still communicate with family, but we haven’t physically seen them in forever. We are able to do it, so why the heck can’t Joe Biden go by these guidelines.

President Biden is expected to travel to Delaware this weekend, in what will be his first out-of-town trip since taking office, despite warnings from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to avoid travel. The CDC’s guidance this week said that “travel increases your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19,” and recommended “that you do not travel at this time.”

Biden, who has a home outside Wilmington, Delaware, is expected to fly on Air Force One and will avoid much of the travel risks associated with commercial flights or traveling on other methods of public transportation like bus or train.

The CDC is also recommending that those who must travel first complete their vaccinations, if they are eligible to receive them, and then wait two weeks after the second dose before departing.

The president, who is 78 years old, has also received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine, and received the second dose of the vaccine three weeks ago.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday was asked why the president was traveling to Delaware amid the CDC advisory, and she reminded reporters that Air Force One is a “private plane.”

“He’s from Delaware and has a home there and is going to spend the weekend with his wife and family there,” Psaki said.

The first weeks of Biden’s administration have been focused on getting a handle of the coronavirus pandemic, with the president signing a number of COVID-19-related executive orders and the White House Coronavirus Task Force holding multiple briefings a week.

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  1. ox

    Were you expecting anything different? Lying corrupt Quid Pro King Joe also doesn’t care how many millions of workers, corrupt Quid Pro is going to put on the unemployment line, and he certainly doesn’t care how these workers are going to feed their families, pay their mortgage, car payments, etc, and neither does the voters that voted lying corrupt Quid Pro King Joe into office. The elite and the propaganda arms of the liberal commie Democrat Party along with Dorsey and Bolshevik Zuckerberg that helped corrupt Quid Pro get elected also don’t care.


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