As everyone knows, the election was as crooked as a football bat.

Now, one of the good things about what we are seeing right now before everything is all said and done is that there are people that are willing to do what is right and say that all of the rigging of this election is wrong.

That also means that there are people that are willing to say that they aren’t going to stand by and let things go without a fight.

As President Donald Trump continues to battle against mass voter fraud that infiltrated the 2020 election, electors in Nevada are standing their ground for the president.

The Nevada Republican Presidential Electors took a brave stand and cast their electoral votes for the true winner of the state which is President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.


The electoral votes by the GOP electors will be sent to the United States’ Congress where it will be read on the long-awaited day of January 6th.

The Nevada Republican Party has shown itself to be patriots who value truth and justice. They are being held by conservatives as champions of fair and free elections which is not what happened in November when election fraud took over.

Nevada GOP writes:

The Nevada Republican Party has been the champion of fair and free elections. The 2020 General Election was riddled with irregularities, voter suppression, and voter fraud. While the Nevada Democratic Party also convened today and cast their votes for Vice President Biden, our electors have precedent to recognize and cast our electoral votes for the rightful winner.

With disturbing evidence of voter fraud in the state, including double voting, illegal voting, deceased voters casting ballots, and more, there is a legitimate concern over the rightful victor in the Silver State. A court of law has failed to meaningfully evaluate the evidence and our law enforcement agencies and government officials have failed to investigate. This left our electors no choice but to send their votes for President Trump to Congress to make a determination as to who is the rightful victor of Nevada between the dueling votes.

 The Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party who is also the Presidential Elector discussed why the GOP members cast their votes for President Trump.

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