Now that Dr. Fauci has been moved back, it took Senator Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson to make people take notice that his “gain of function” research has been put on blast for a while now – it was originally called out by Fox News host Steve Hilton and now suddenly, the COVID pandemic has essentially ended.

Meanwhile, people still wanted answers as many questions starting to arise, particularly on what’s happening on with the Wuhan Laboratory, which our own intelligence community has confirmed that is the starting point of the virus.

In a recent interview with Steve Bannon, he relentlessly revealed that Dems are doing everything in their power of possession to protect Wuhan. That sounded conspicuous as he also added that if the actual truth gets out people would go to jail.

He also pointed that we already just want thru a Russian/Spy hoax situation that caused Watergate looked like a child’s play and no one was accountable for the dilemma.

He also said in a quote that the swamp is deep and the Deep State is swampy, and everyone covers their bases with 187 layers of muck.

However, you will never know what could really happen; sometimes even the best-laid plans come up with a snag or two.

Watch it here: Rumble

Sources: WayneDupree, Fox News

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  1. Steven Silveus

    the illegal man in the white house, biden, will clear china of all liabilities for a personal gain in his and hunters bank account.


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