This jerk teacher bullies one of his student’s but she wasn’t going to take that kind of treatment from him!

Hahaha, he had this one coming!

A Russian teacher was teaching his class English and decided to bring a little girl up to make an example of her. He obnoxiously yelled while she held her head down. Like this is anyway to get a child to learn.

He then starts asking, “What does this say?” Then violently pokes the little girl in the head saying, “you!” Then he grabs her by the shoulder, shakes her and says, “Hey you, continue standing!”

The little girl had enough and wasn’t going to take that abuse! Check out what she does to the teacher…

I would be pissed off if I were this girls parent. There is no reason to treat a child this way. But at the same time I would be proud that she doesn’t take the abuse. She smacks his hand from grabbing her shoulder again and kicks him right where it counts!

You go girl…


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