Kudos to the Supreme Court…

The Supreme Court declined to block a Texas law banning most abortions in a 5-4 decision.

According to The Washington Free Beacon reports, “the ruling comes 24 hours after the Texas law went into effect on Wednesday morning, banning abortions in almost all cases after the cardiac activity is detected in the unborn child. The court’s decision sets up a potentially historic win for the pro-life movement by overturning Supreme Court precedents set in 1992 in Planned Parenthood v. Casey and in 1973 in Roe v. Wade.”

A Texas law that bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected took effect Wednesday morning after the Supreme Court declined to act on an emergency appeal from providers hoping to stop its implementation.

The law called the Texas Heartbeat Act or S.B. 8, prohibits abortions as early as six weeks. Pro-choice forces fighting the new law waited on word from the Court, but a midnight deadline came and went without any order. The justices could still act on the appeal at any time.

While its long-term prospects are uncertain, the successful implementation of a heartbeat law in the nation’s second-most populous state is a potentially historic victory for the pro-life movement. Abortion providers and their allies interpreted the Court’s inaction ominously, with an eye toward a direct attack on Roe v. Wade the justices will hear later this year. Even if the Court ultimately sides with the providers, they were alarmed the justices would countenance even temporary implementation of a near-total ban on abortions.

In an emergency application filed with the justices on Monday, Texas abortion providers warned that abortion access in the state could practically end absent judicial intervention. They asked the Supreme Court to block the law outright or allow them to make their case to a lower court.

“If permitted to take effect, S.B. 8 would immediately and catastrophically reduce abortion access in Texas, barring care for at least 85% of Texas abortion patients (those who are six weeks pregnant or greater) and likely forcing many abortion clinics ultimately to close,” ACLU lawyers representing the clinics wrote in their emergency application to the High Court.

Clap Clap Clap. Good job.

Sources: Daily Wire, The Washington Beacon

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  1. MikefromTexas

    Abortion is not birth control. Why do women need abortion, its because they don’t insist on birth control. Abortions is just cleaning up the mess the caused. Lets give money to save the dogs and cats but heck with the unborn and the born because of botched abortions.

  2. Robert Higginbotham

    The Texas law is a definite step in the right direction. As for Roe v. Wade it is an opinion by the SCOTUS and not a law. There are a few, especially democrats, that mistakenly treat it as law!!


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