One of the things that liberals like to talk about all of the time is these so-called super spreader events that they say are merely the fault of conservatives.

Sure guys, like conservatives, are the only ones that gather in large groups. Look at how many liberal politicians have been caught over the past year dining out with friends ignoring every COVID restriction that they tell us to adhere to.

It’s almost as if they are hiding something from us. Yep, they are definitely hiding something from us because as you all know, the MSM likes to ignore when they do things.

Democrat Texas House member Joe Deshotel from Beaumont tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday — three days after lawmakers gaveled in for this year’s legislative session.

The Texas House member tested positive for the coronavirus after being on the chamber floor for three straight days, giving lawmakers an early indication of the dangers of governing during the pandemic. The Democrat said he received a rapid test outside the Capitol because it was “free and quick” as he was heading home Thursday afternoon.

He has “no idea” how he contracted it, said Deshotel, who is currently quarantining and reported minor symptoms. “I don’t know where it came from. It rather shocked me when the guy told me.”

“Getting tested is important and wearing a mask is important,” he added. “You can certainly have COVID and not know it, I can tell you that.”

Deshotel said his last test for the virus prior to testing positive on Thursday had been on Monday. He did not opt to receive a test before entering the Capitol on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The news comes a day after the House met for several hours to debate its rules for the 2021 legislative session, which will require members to wear a mask in the chamber and during committee hearings but not mandate testing before they can enter those spaces. The chamber unanimously adopted the rules.

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