An emergency hearing about the Maricopa County election audit was requested by Arizona Senate President, Karen Fann.

The video of the entire hearing can be viewed below, it shows that the said hearing began at 10:00 am and has concluded.

The video shows a stunning clip, but it can also be seen in many moments that are equally as stunning.

Ken Bennett, State Secretary of Arizona has declared that his team is currently experiencing difficulties about the Arizona audit of the 2020 election, in finding the serial numbers to ensure duplicate ballots were only counted once. It’s a bombshell moment:

“We found, I would have to say, thousands of duplicate ballots where those serial numbers are not on them. So it’s created great difficulty to try to match up a duplicated ballot to its duplicate.”

Senate President Karen Fann: “If the corresponding numbers aren’t on there, how would you know if it was duplicated once or ten times?”

Arizona Secretary of State Bennett: “You wouldn’t.”

Watch it here: Citizen Free Press/Youtube

Anyone who watched the hearing can say that there’s no way there wasn’t election fraud in the 2020 election since the evidence is too obvious.

The Arizona audit team was escorted out of the hearing room. These heroes have received death threats during the process of auditing votes from the 2020 election. The people in the room clapped.

The bombshell came from the hearing reported via The Gateway Pundit:

-There are severe problems with how the voter information was maintained. The system is not patched regularly. The last time an antivirus was updated on the systems was August 2019. This creates a tremendous vulnerability to the systems.

-Dominion has access to the Admin of the machines but the County does not. How can the County know if the systems are eligible to record votes? The County officials cannot verify the functionality of the systems without Dominion. They are dependent on Dominion.

-3,900 votes received from unregistered voters (needed to be registered by 10/15 and weren’t)

-Some ballots were out of calibration by 1900%. The ballots were as far off-center as more than 2000%. This still needs to be reviewed and finalized. The paper stock was also out of compliance leading to bleed-threw of ballots.

Below is the video of the Arizona Senate’s audit hearing from beginning to end is below – THE HEARING BEGINS AT THE 3:03 POINT:

Watch it here: Shawn Rhoads/Youtube

The information coming out of the hearing is incredibly damaging.

The said hearing was attended by Fann, Petersen, Senate liaison Ken Bennett, Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas, and Ben Cotton of CyFIR. The meeting is open both to the public and the press.

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, The Gateway Pundit

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