“An accident waiting to happen.”

This was the thought of Piers Morgan towards the Baldwin case where he said in the quote, “I don’t doubt the sincerity of his sadness at the shooting, nor that he had no idea the gun he fired was loaded. But what I do now doubt is Alec Baldwin’s depiction of it as a ‘tragic accident.’ Given what we have discovered about the circumstances leading up to the moment he pulled the trigger, this was an accident waiting to happen.”

I couldn’t agree more after Morgan added, “The more we learn about Alec Baldwin’s deadly shooting ‘accident’, the more culpable he looks for being executive producer of a chaotic, dangerous sh*t-show run by amateurish cowboys that made the tragedy an accident waiting to happen.” via Daily Mail.

However, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies have confirmed that the authorities have not ruled out the criminal charges yet in a fatal accidental shooting by actor Alec Baldwin on the set of a western film.

“Everything at this point, including criminal charges, is on the table,” Carmack-Altwies told the New York Times.

It was also stated that Halyna Hutchins’ death was Baldwin’s tragedy said by the New York Post. “There’s no denying Alec Baldwin’s role in on-set shooting tragedy.”

The Post added: “Really, it’s not. Alec Baldwin is likely to be held, at least in part, responsible. ‘If you’re capable of memorizing 120 pages of dialogue, you can memorize four lines of gun safety,’ special effects and firearms expert Steve Wolf tells The Post. ‘If that scene required him to put the gun to his head and pull the trigger, I’m sure he would have taken a look inside the gun. Wouldn’t you?’”

But Dershowitz claims that Baldwin was not aware that it was a real loaded gun.

“It seems clear that Alec Baldwin was not aware that he was firing a gun capable of expelling a lethal projectile, But his role reportedly was not limited to passively being an actor; he may have had some responsibility as one of several producers of the film. The nature of the role of producers varies from film to film, and it is unlikely that Baldwin’s role included responsibility for set safety. But some may think that it was not simply enough for him to accept the word of an assistant director about the gun’s safety, that he perhaps should have independently inspected the gun before firing it. It is unlikely, however, that such an omission would result in criminal responsibility.”

Non the less, the case is still ongoing but the situation is shifting more on Baldwin.

Sources: DailyWire, The New York Post, Daily Mail, Times

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  1. CCblogging

    Baldwin was too stupid to follow gun safety rules and check the gun himself. Lock him up for killing that lady.


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