In a record amount of time, Dr. Fauci has gone from trusted COVID doctor to public enemy number one.

Many people looked to Fauci for advice on the COVID-19 virus at first, but his flip-flopping and politicization quickly took over, and he lost the American people’s confidence.

However, thanks to this video, we now have a better understanding of how much worse it is – and as a result, many people feel that little Fauci should be imprisoned.

It all begins with an ironic twist: back when Obama was in office, he developed so-called “protection valves” to halt research that could result in a global pandemic.

The research was based on a ferret sample, of all things.

The research began ten years ago in a lab in the Netherlands, but it quickly gained traction, with researchers from all over the world studying how ferrets (which have a respiratory system similar to humans) reacted to viruses. They wanted to see specifically if they could “mutate” a virus and make it transmittable through the air.

(It seems that they could.)

The crucial thing to remember is that the COVID virus was created to be extremely infectious – it wasn’t always that way. They turned it off so they could study ferrets with highly infectious viruses.

The “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,” led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, took over as the lead laboratory studying “ferrets,” and was partly funded by Wuhan, China.

The most serious safety issue with this form of research was that mutating and then testing a highly infectious virus carried a number of dangers, including the possibility that it could escape (or be unleashed) and cause global devastation.

That’s why Obama stepped in and put a stop to the research funding.

In contrast to Obama, Fauci believes it is a “risk worth taking.”

This risky research has always had one stalwart supporter, Anthony Fauci, a leading figure in the field of infectious diseases, “Despite the controversy surrounding this type of research.”

The first ferret analysis was sponsored by his institute.

Fauci co-wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post at the time, describing the study as “a risk worth taking… important information and insight can come from generating a potentially dangerous virus in the laboratory.”

Part I of Fox News host Steve Hilton’s “deep dive” into Fauci and the roots of COVID-19 is available now.

It’s a must-see.

Steve Hilton now says that after being ordered to avoid financing the notorious “ferret initiative,” Dr. Fauci and his wife continued to support it.

Part II of his inquiry is here, and it’s a doozy.

The following is a link to a video:

Outraged citizens are demanding Fauci’s head on a platter:

“Thank you Steve and others who actually work and research to reveal the facts of this pandemic. I question why is congress not investigating this? This virus has affected so many lives and is continuing too. We need facts not coverups. WE NEED KNOWLEDGEABLE PEOPLE WE CAN TRUST!!!”

“Dr. Fauci should be in handcuffs, not on CNN and magazine covers!!”

“The money ties are undeniable. If fauci tell american the true origin of this virus at the beginning of pandemic, last Jan, american might be better prepared”

“I don’t believe for a second this was an accident. Setting Fauci up to take the fall but there are probably hundreds if not more involved with him.”

“Covid19 virus origins circle back to the Democrats and media hero, Dr Fauci, and his partner, Dr. Collins NIH, secretly over-riding Obama’s ban on their mad scientist experiments of the SARS bat virus. This information is irrefutable; these two men MUST be held accountable!”

So, what did Fauci know about this disease before it left the lab, when did he know it, and what, if anything, did Fauci keep quiet about?

Why did he keep financing this initiative after being ordered to stop and what consequences could he face as a result?

These are all excellent questions, but the problem is that the left sees COVID as the “savior” who finally brought down President Trump, so they’re not in a rush to answer them…

Who knows, if a public inquiry into the roots of COVID-19 is conducted, there could be a lot more “nefarious” information revealed.
So, despite the fact that this is supposedly one of the worst things that has ever happened to the planet, I don’t see the left calling for an investigation into the source.

However, Steve Hilton’s investigative work is so strong and so deep, and it rises so many questions, that it’s almost difficult to dismiss.

Dr. Fauci needs to be asked why he continued to finance “ferret” research after President Obama placed a ban on it…

Since, right now, something seems to be very suspicious.


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    Democrat heroes do not go jail. This one is next for Surgeon General.

  2. Lisa

    they need to arrest him for crimes against humanity and genocide nothing less will do


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