Finally, Fauci is now reversing course and claiming that COVID could have leaked from the Wuhan Lab. Thanks to Fox News hosts Steve Hilton, Tucker Carlson, and Senator Rand Paul.

This is a stunning reversal since just a few months ago he was laughing at that idea and calling it “absurd.”

Fauci’s entire persona has changed and you can’t help but get the feeling that Team Biden is now side-lining him.

Is that because folks on the right got their hands on some info and are threatening to release it? This might all be possible.

But as this is all happening, Fauci’s partner in crime, Bill Gates is also taking a tumble from grace, after his wife decided to divorce him in part because of his creepy ties to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill’s entire brand is crumbling, and some rather unflattering and salacious things are being spread around about him.

And it’s odd timing-wise how all of this has played out.

One of the most popular conservative blogs online, Zero Hedge, believes that there’s something much bigger going on and it’s a “signal” of a big “narrative reversal” that’s coming.

Here’s exactly what Zero Hedge said: 

“Between the i) complete U-Turn in the fake Wuhan story and ii) the destruction of Bill Gates, some big narrative reversal is coming”

Again, the timing does seem too “coincidental,” and as we all should’ve learned by now, there are no “coincidences” in politics.

Here’s what others are saying about Zero Hedge’s tweet:

“who has profited most off the pandemic, follow the money”

“They’re going to blame Fauci and Gates and tie in Epstein just to put a bow on that. New boss same as the old boss. Here guys hold this bag.”
“Spoiler: they’re related”

“What if. The lab “leak” is just another excuse to scare people into getting the Vax? Numbers are nowhere near where they want them. It’s revealed it’s man-made and targets euro-Caucasians. So you better get the job. Or an excuse for war. British carrier already on its way”

“Now that everyone got the vaccine it’s safe, to tell the truth?”

“This is the fun part where the globalist elites try to throw each other under the bus to save themselves.”

“On the plus side, if nothing else, I’ve been waiting for the destruction of Bill Gates since at least Windows 95 so I’m happy about that part.”

“It’s not complicated. They couldn’t hide the truth of the lab leak forever, and they need someone to blame.”

“Don’t think Gates’ divorce timing was coincidental”

“Hell, in 6 months they may even come out and admit they set up a coup to take over the govt.”

“Don’t forget Epstein’s guards admitting to falsifying records”

“It was not an accidental lab leak. It’s was a weapon to destroy our economy and try to hurt Trump. It was no accident. It’s was an act of war.”

“This was a plan developed decades ago. Hopefully, they didn’t account for every curveball.”
“Mmm. Epstein, UFOs, mass voter fraud, climate deniers…Things which used to work no longer work.”

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Zero Hedge

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  1. Lisa

    damn, is there NOTHING the corrupt dems WON’T do? they are so sick and evil in their souls…DEVIL’S MINIONS


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