Trey Gowdy just got back in the game and it sure feels good. To see Trey hunting down the truth, past the Clinton’s lies and obstruction, like he did in the Benghazi hearings, must strike fear in the heart of Hillary Clinton.

She’s probably more annoyed than terrified because the Clinton’s have been getting away with stuff no one else could for years.

But as the dust settles after the media comes to her defense and she throws out a few shocked comments to disparage Trey, Hillary will realize that this time it may be for keeps.

According to a new report from the Daily Caller, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy joined up to form a joint investigation into the FBI’s botched 2016 Clinton email investigation.

Two GOP members with powerful committee’s joining forces to bring Hillary, and just maybe James Comey and Loretta Lynch and the whole gang to justice is welcome surprise.

Trey will go where the evidence takes him so let’s not get ahead of ourselves but it doesn’t look good.

The Republican congressmen said they must take this action as there are a “host of outstanding questions” regarding how the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI handled the Hillary case.

Gowdy and Goodlatte released a joint statement that read:

“Our justice system is represented by a blind-folded woman holding a set of scales. Those scales do not tip to the right or the left; they do not recognize wealth, power, or social status,” Goodlatte and Gowdy said in a statement Tuesday. “The impartiality of our justice system is the bedrock of our republic and our fellow citizens must have confidence in its objectivity, independence, and even handedness. The law is the most equalizing force in this country. No entity or individual is exempt from oversight.

The Committees will review these decisions and others to better understand the reasoning behind how certain conclusions were drawn. Congress has a constitutional duty to preserve the integrity of our justice system by ensuring transparency and accountability of actions taken.”

Correct. And Hillary, you have the right to remain…

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  1. Helen P. Bragg

    I, like so many of my fellow Americans, am very disgusted with the mounting number of crimes this woman has committed and NOTHING BUT TALK IS EVER DONE ABOUT IT! She continues to go on the air, LYING HER TEETH OUT! Why is this woman allowed to laugh in the face of Lady Justice, when the rest of we American citizens are held to a totally different set of laws we are forced to abide by?
    This has been going on for years, since Whitewater, and the Clinton’s continue to commit crimes that are both federal, and judicial. It’s time action is taken against this family of criminals!

  2. Nicholas Scott

    Congreeman Gowdy if there two men restoring my pride and faith in America, they are you and President Trump.
    I am a Viet Nam Era U.S. Marine, 65, but still able to Stand for our flag and our traditions.
    God Bless you Sir
    Stay safe!

  3. Lora Conner

    Time after time, the Clintons have gotten away with so many crimes, which has made me realize there is no longer equal justice for all. The Crooked Hillary moniker does not begin to describe the innumerable evil deeds she has committed. I hope THIS TIME, something will actually be done to bring justice for all. So far, she’s still cackling and blaming Trump.

  4. Joh

    Dont never Trust the DOJ they have proved they are corrupt .Time for Americans go to washinton and Demand answers or shut down DOJ


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