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One of the things that people have to realize is that we all know that everyone on the Democratic side is going to try and rig an election.

It’s pretty much their favorite thing to do apart from denying people their rights.

However, what is so grating is that they are doing it so blatantly and then at the end of the day nobody is willing to do anything about it except for a select few.

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on Wednesday held a hearing on the irregularities in the 2020 election.

Trump lawyer, Jessie Binnall said more than 42,000 people were found to have voted more than once. They were able to determine this by matching up the voter’s name, birth date and address.

Since President Trump lost by less than 34,000 votes, that by itself would flip Nevada into the president’s column. This does not even include the number of people who voted by mail that had moved out of the state and illegal aliens that voted. The problem has been finding judges brave enough to hear the lawsuits brought by Republicans on the merits of the lawsuits.

Binnall said people were able to vote more that once by using variations of their first name such as William and Bill and women who registered under their maiden and married names. At least 1,500 dead people voted for the Democrats because of their mutual brain inactivity. Binnall went on to say that all told there were at least 130,000 cases of voter fraud.

Binnall said:

“We are going to provide evidence of real voter fraud, thousands and thousands of instances of voter fraud in Nevada. [There were] 40,000 plus people who have voted twice in the election. That is real voter fraud. We have data showing that people who were on the record as having voted by mail who didn’t even receive ballots, who said they didn’t vote.”

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  1. DonRS

    And our CRACK, oh so courageous, so honest, committed to their oath and the Constitution and the Rule of Law Justice system and SUPREME COURT sits shivering in FEAR, unable to bring themselves to do their JOBS.

    The CORRUPTION of our JUDGES and Elected Officials could NOT BE MORE EVIDENT!

    IMPEACH Chief JUDAS John Roberts and the rest of the black robed COWARDS!


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