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It seems that the liberal left in America will never be satisfied until every part of “white” history is destroyed and replaced with their revisionism. Back in August 2017, the removal of the Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee became the flashpoint that caused a clash between Antifa communists and white supremacists. The double rally soon erupted into violent chaos. While the liberal media focused only on demonizing the white supremacists, it’s important that we take a look at what other plans of attack the liberals are plotting. Obama and his group of radical leftists have been using the incident in Charlottesville as an excuse to continue working to erase America’s history.

It is extremely important to try and understand the twisted mindset of liberals when it pertains to their American-hating agendas. Michelle Obama herself expressed the sentiments of the left back when her treasonous husband was in office. She literally stated that America must simply “change its history” as part of the ongoing revisionist history movement that continues to take over our nation.

“Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation,” Michelle Obama said back in 2008.

And “changing our history” is exactly what Obama and his deep state cohorts have been working nonstop to do. Not only did Obama hype up the anti-American sentiments in our country with his manufactured race war, but he appears to also be behind the sudden rise of communist movements and violent anti-Trump groups like Antifa. He was even busted for throwing billions of dollars at them during his last days at the White House. Now under Obama’s command, these insane people are doing everything they can to erase America’s “white” history. The ongoing destruction of the relics of our Founding Fathers is proof of that, and Obama’s fingerprints are all over it.

Following the incident in Charlottesville, the liberal media was caught steadily running a story where they are supposedly interviewing a “random” witness by the name of Brennan Gilmore. He claims he was out helping victims who were injured by “white supremacists” during the protests and performed CPR. The “hero” witness that the liberal media was pushing so hard is none other than a staged plant, as his direct ties to George Soros was just exposed.

Conservative Fighters reported:

“Right after the incident MSNBC and other liberal media showed an interview with their hero witness who caught the whole attack on film and also performed CPR on an injured victim. But they never thought that their star will soon be revealed for who he really is.”

“As Brennan Gilmore accused the ‘racist Nazis’ of attacking the ‘peaceful anti-racists,’ the liberals instantly used his statement to present the Antifa as a calm and dignified unlike the out of control conservatives.”

“But the left never saw this coming, their hero is actually a State Department employee who has a connection with George Soros. Gilmore used to be the chief of staff to Tom Perriello when he was running for Virginia governor, and he received $375,000 from Soros during the campaign. He also worked 15 years as a foreign service officer the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Sudan, Tunisia, and Sierra Leone, and was involved in the Kony 2012 operation.”

Obama appears to be helping George Soros orchestrate the chaos in our already fragile country with planned attempts to remove statues over a period of time such as the Robert E. Lee statute. Right after the Charlottesville fiasco Breaking reports reported that liberals in Durham, North Carolina, ripped down another Confederate monument. After they had successfully toppled it over, the snowflakes proceeded to curse, spit and hit the statue with their shoes. The entire situation was very reminiscent of third world countries savagery in the Middle East. ISIS did the same to many Christian statues.

However, liberals won’t be stopping with just the physical destruction of our monuments. Now they’re going after our Founding Fathers in other ways as well like petitioning James Madison Memorial High School in Verona, Wisconsin be changed because James Madison was a “racist.” The Federalist Papers reported on this:

Leftists have managed to claim victory over the imagined evils of monuments commemorating the Civil War. Names have been changed, statues have come down, and the Confederate Battle Flag has been banned.

Now, the left is going after our Founding Fathers.
This is an incredibly slippery slope. All of America’s Founding Fathers were imperfect men. Most were slave-owners, and I have no doubt others were genuine scoundrels.

But we owe them a debt of gratitude no matter what sins they may have committed. As Jay Cost writes: “If I contract somebody to paint my house, and I find out later that he is an adulterer, does that excuse me from paying what I owe? Of course not. By the same token, my debt for the painting does not oblige me to act as though he did not wrong his spouse.”

Barack Hussein Obama’s fingerprints are all over this. After all he was literally the driving force behind getting these radical left-leaning groups into a frenzy in the first place and then handing them the ability to go out and be destructive by funneling billions of dollars to them during his last days in office. While the liberal media will surely continue to remain solely focused on the “white supremacist” groups, we really need to be pushing the evidence of who’s actually behind these protests and the manufactured hysteria to remove these confederate monuments. At the end of the day, people on both sides are being used as useful idiots in Obama’s ongoing plot for civil unrest in our country and destroying America’s history.


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  1. Original Anna

    Yes, Soros, a commie kicked out of Hungary because he was trying to turn his country back into a commie country, does not seem to be investigated at all. I mean he is using his billions to pay for rioting, insurrection, destruction, paying for anti Trump rioters to show up at Trump’s rallies when running for president to stop people from hearing Trump talk. Gee, Soros is inciting everything that is illegal in this country and nothing is being done about him. Our law system acts like it doesn’t know that Soros is trying to over throw our government. Why???

    • Bama Bill

      Search on “European Union”? You will find out what Soros has been up to starting back in 1972. Or read the goals of his “Open Borders Foundation” he founded in 1985. Since then he has funded it with over $40 BILLION.
      “Where’s the ‘Hammer Trump dropped”???

    • will

      Soros has been kicked out of 6 different countries. He’s only here because he bought his way in. Putin has a price on Soros head, and he’ll mount that head in the Kremlin if Soros tries the crap he’s doing here in Russia. Have any of the BLM idiots ever asked themselves what would happen to them if they did succeed in erasing Whites and white history. Like who would pay for all their food stamps, free housing, and 4 years of pretending to be in college? These fool do not understand that white people make up some 68% of the population. They pay all the taxes that funds the billions that the Democrats give them, and make them believe the money is coming from the Dems. For years they have been kept on the Democrat Plantation to serve one purpose and one only : vote for Democrats. What have they gotten in return? They are taken for granted, and they can’t become business owners or major business leaders. The ones who make money are hand picked by White “Owners ” who select them to entertain, or play sports. They have no real equality. Then Trump came along and him and Tim Scott showed them how to be business owners and to grow their community and be proud of what they have created and proud of their contributions. While for years they had to listen to one of their own{obam} tell them ” You didn’t build that”} This move by Trump to be the first President in history to actually help Blacks get out of the 150 year Democrat RUT they have been in. BY doing so, he pissed off the Soros crowd, and Especially Nancy Pelosi. So now in cahoots with the Dems and the Deep state, they have created and artificial race war. Who is the target? The blacks themselves. They are again being duped. They gave 80 Million to BLs by being fooled into thinking that money would help blacke. Instead it partly funded Antifa who targeted the very black communities and new businesses Trump helped Blacks set up. So once again, the plantation owners duped them, and Biden is laughing his A$$ off that he got the most of the $80- Million from these people who he fooled into cutting their own throats. It’s a shame, they listened to the wrong people again. After people like Al Sharpton, Malcom X and Jerimiah Wright, Don Lemmon, you’d think they would not automatically fall for the words of such fools just because they are black. Once again as in the riots of 1962, 1964, 1969, and recently Ferguson, Detroit, Steattle, Chicago, Philadelphia and all the other areas Antifa, BLM, Soros, Obama, Michelle, and the and the Democrat controlled states and cities where black on black crime and destruction of the new enterprise zones Trump has been helping them build have been targeted for destruction. The only thing that will come of this if the blacksts do not wake up to who is their real enemy will be more years of being used as pawns by the Democrats who care nothing for helping them in any meaningful way. IF they reject the help of Trump, they will be back where they were in the 60’s. You cannot demand that whites just simply hand over everything to you, and maintain any semblance of accomplishment. And you cannot demand that whites bow down [God Forbid} and kiss your feet and then ask them to also pay for everything you desire . Intimidation like this never works. Like Ida Amin, the black dictator of Uganda. He also forced whites to bow before him and he demeaned all white women in Uganda. The bloody story of the violent death he met was the result of such tactics.

  2. Big Ed

    Charlottesville is something the Democrats won’t let go of. Their claim, remember, was that white supremacists and antifa had a bit of a rumble and Trump stuck up for the supremacists. The whole story is complete bullshit. What really happened was there were plans to tear down a statue of a southern general and some people showed up to protest it (not white supremacists)-then antifa showed up, as did the white supremacists (but the leader of the white supremacists also happened to be the leader of the Occupy Wall Street movement, established to show that Romney was a turd and Obama was great. In reality, both sides of the war were leftists-they start a rumble and Trump gets the blame. It’s gone on for three plus years now.

  3. William G Munson

    Well now the Cat is out of the Bag about Obama and what he was up to as a illegal President too if they really want to Erase History send all the Blacks back to Africa and get the Indians back off the Reservations and send the Forgieners back to were they came from Period

  4. Wyatt

    Those people who would change history and attempt to hide or deny it , are doomed to one day repeat it . Barracks Obama , while acting in the guise of concerned woke individual is nothing more than the paid lackey for George Soros . George Soros who as boy toy play thing for his Nazi captor sold out his fellow Hungarian Jews in order to preserve his own life and acted as accountant for their stolen wealth . After the war he profited from same stolen funds and has made a career of becoming rich and even richer by investing and bankrupting various European countries . His own native Hungary included and it is there and a few others where he is a wanted man yet here in America he was allowed to gain citizenship and protection by the Obama administration in return I suspect for huge political donations and has since propelled a freshman senator to a presidency and boosted that senators bank Acct’s into seven digit or more figures . Not bad for a man (term used loosely) who is a disbarred lawyer along with his wife . Now he backs and boosts radicals who wish to see America’s downfall . His deep state minions work hard to cause the downfall of a surely elected President . Never in the history of our nation has a former President tried to actively interfear in our countries political activities nor attempted to encourage social discord and unrest. Seems he learned well from Soros . The eight years he spent in our White House could have bean historic as the first black ancestry president , but instead he sowed the seeds of discontent and discord amongst Americans , setting civil rights back sixty or more years . Looking to blame anyone for much of the nation’s problems now ? Look no farther than this clown , Barry “BarCrap” Obama .

    • Jan923

      Ah Yes Wyatt… The first foreign born president to be “placed” in office. He’s as guilty as sin and there is No Doubt about it.

  5. Babs

    Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama the Muslim FRAUD/Criminal muszt bed done away with for this country to survive

  6. Nikita63

    There is utterly no doubt that the most divisive , inept Constitutionally and ignorant of the Rule of Law sitting President was and if you hear him and his idiot followers refer to him still as “President.” a title he defamed and dishonored. Both he and his wife are the biggest racists this country has ever seen and have sold a totally anti-American Constitution and Rule of Law agenda to his party of plutocrat Marxist morons, militant and violently so, his sponsored attacks are and have been on EVERY FOUNDING PRINCIPLE, and according to the definitions of what constitutes acts of sedition and high treason in U.S.Code Chapter 18, he and his entire subversive to the American Way of Life, and the Constitutional Republic which has made us what we are as a nation MAKE HIM AND THEM GUILTY AS SIN. THEY should LONG AGO HAVE BEEN INDICTED,CHARGED TRIED AND PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE PENALTIES ALSO PROVIDED IN U.S.CODE 18! Trials would be conducted with a presumption of innocence and in full
    DUE PROCESS, something his plutocrats and himself have no concept of because it DOES NOT FIT his U.N. Agenda 21 implementation plans as the traitor this 75 year old Vietnam veteran with a degree in Government for the last 53 years; KNOWS him to be by any Constitutional or American legal standard. chief among the enemies within infesting this country in the swamp that is Washington. D.C. Why he has NOT been so indicted charged and punished is a good and valid question but has much to do with the funding by George Soros , an international criminal who should long ago have had his naturalized American citizenship revoked for acts of sedition and treason but money of which he has plenty as the 19th wealthiest individual on the planet according to unnamed sources,
    has prevented TRUE JUSTICE from being exercised by bought and paid for political appointees to all levels of the system, including in my opinion, the Supreme Judicial Court. Until America realizes the TRUTH and demands correction, these abuses will not only continue, but be expanded until the goal of the U.N. New World Order Dictatorship will effectively make Obama the first world wide emperor with the title Secretary-General of the united Nations, his personal and oft stated dream. WE CANNOT LET IT HAPPEN. PERIOD.


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