It is always pretty satisfying when you see someone proven right, even after there is anything that can really be done about fixing things.

I remember once, at the very first job I ever had there was this guy that always used to mess with me. He was this old guy that just seemingly hated everything, up to and including fresh air and sunshine. He would get on me for everything, even if it was something someone above him told me to do.

One day, the owner of the shop asked me to run across the street to buy some office supplies that we were running low on. He handed me the company card, and I came back about 2o minutes later. The guy that always messes with me lays into me about how I didn’t get the OK from him to leave (which I didn’t need anyway) and the boss hears this. He tore into the guy for ten minutes and to be honest, I’ve never seen someone shrink that much.

He stayed on for a few more weeks and then quit suddenly. I couldn’t get back all the times he got on my case, but it was nice to be proven right. That’s what Donald Trump must be feeling right now.

Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi claims that “Puerto Rico will be the first truly Hispanic state”. The goal however is for Puerto Rico to be the latest Democrat Party state. This push comes citing following a November 2020 referendum which yielded a 52.5% majority vote in favor of statehood according to the Miami Herald.

However, the Herald doubtlessly favoring statehood, leaves out some very important details which the  former governor of Puerto Rico (2005-2009) Aníbal Acevedo-Vilá wrote to The Hill about back in August: The DOJ rejected providing funding for the 2020 referendum and with good cause: it was completely illegal.

Acevedo-Vilá explains,

“The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), correctly in my view, denied providing federal income taxpayer funds to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to hold a federally-sanctioned statehood “yes” or “no” referendum because it was a misleading and fundamentally unfair proposal…In fact, it has been a long standing DOJ policy for all political options to have equal participation in any Puerto Rico status vote. That was the position established under the Obama administration, and that is the position taken by former Vice President Joe Biden.”

The Puerto Rican people when LEGALLY voting for all possible options, including statehood, independence, and a continued territorial status as a “commonwealth” directly rejected statehood at the ballot box in plebiscites held in 1967, 1993, and 1998. Acevedo-Vilá continued “In 2012 and 2017, the people rejected the entire process outright, just as DOJ recognized and is why it outright denied the government of Puerto Rico funding for the vote.”

The Obama administration opposed this, Joe Biden opposed this the former Governor of Puerto Rico opposed this (and she IS NOT Republican friendly), so how could the Biden-Harris Regime and Democrat-Socialist Congress possibly move forward?

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  1. Original Anna

    How the DOJ has any kind of authority of whether or not Puerto Rico becomes a state. I thought that Puerto Rico itself votes on that and three times they have and turned down U.S. statehood. Secondly why if they voted down statehood are they given automatic citizenship. Don’t you have to be born of U.S. citizenship parents. Since P.R. is not a state of the U.S. where does their excuse for having citizenship as a U.S. citizenship come from, politicians.


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