Former President Donald Trump is officially back and he will surely go after his adversary’s with a vengeance as we’ve never seen before…he’s not holding anything back, and it’s great to see.

Trump said when Black Lives Matter rioters were “threatening to destroy Washington, D.C.,” Milley “practically begged” him not to send in the military to stop the riots.

He said Milley then issued an “embarrassing and groveling apology” for walking by his side to St. John’s Church, after rioters set fire to its basement the day before.

“Instead of denouncing the rioters, he denounced himself — a humiliation for our Military,” Trump said. “A year later even the Fake News had to admit that their Lafayette Square narrative was a giant lie. Milley, once again, looked like a fool.”

Trump also disputed a story that appeared in a new book claiming Milley “yelled” at Trump.

This guy clearly is only focused on keeping the “woke” mob happy, not protecting Americans.

Just like with the GOP, we also need to purge the fakes and RINOs from the military brass as well.

Trump also revealed that Milley actually “begged” him not to send in the military to deal with the destruction, killing, violence, and mayhem that was happening to innocent Americans in Dem-run cities.

On Wednesday, Trump called for the resignation of Milley, whom he appointed, over his recent defense of studying critical race theory in the military.

“Gen. Mark Milley’s greatest fear is upsetting the woke mob,” Trump said in a statement released through his Save America super PAC.

“Gen. Milley ought to resign, and be replaced with someone who is actually willing to defend our Military from the Leftist Radicals who hate our Country and our Flag,” Trump added.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Breitbart, The Hill

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  1. Lisa

    milley is a total scumbag and definitely needs to be out of office…he is too “woke” and that is NOT going to help the military for training to be warriors…he can shove it up his rear


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