MRCBLOG| Barack Obama has been on vacation ever since he was forced to hand over power to Donald Trump. Unfortunately for Obama, however, Trump just did something that is likely to ruin the rest of his relaxing holiday.
The Daily Caller reported that Trump’s inspector general has opened an investigation into why Obama’s Department of Homeland Security hacked into the Georgia state governmental network, including its election system. Inspector General John Roth is trying to figure out why DHS officials broke protocol with a whopping 10 attacks on the system that is overseen by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

Kemp happens to be an outspoken critic of Obama administration’s attempt to designate local and state election machinery as part of federal “critical infrastructure.”

Roth penned a letter to Kemp on January 17 informing him that he was “investigating a series of ten alleged scanning events of the Georgia Secretary of State’s network that may have originated from DHS-affiliated IP addresses.” Thankfully, a firewall in the Georgia system was able to thwart each attempt.

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  1. Wayne Ramirez

    Not sure what ALL is hidden or under investigation. But there has definitely been some schtuff that needs official investigating…But it is NOT just a gvt thing at work. They may have the easiest time of getting away with it, but we are not the fools thought of us! There is a no excusing the things that I know have cost the minds of several and a few lives as well. I’ll be interested in what is TRUE about the Turks that I’ve been very interested in. The very idea that Prophets…ancient or ordinary can just be “handled” just any kind of way is the problem that has mankind in the way that it is. The Realitarian has no reason to be impressed with what has been denounced at what has been MY path. Those thinking to only fear whatever god, for the sake of being so BIG as for him to 4give the trespasses I’ve seen and had done before me. Sorry I don’t see the logic in that. Been trying to let just one beautiful woman know what was being secreted and how it DOES affect everyone. All that could be done was DENIAL….and a silent DEMAND to incite panic publicly. IT IS THE YEAR 7000 not just because some lawsuit says it is… All the evidence as to the legitimacy of that claim is more than can be arranged. What is to be recompenced is more than this nation had to bargain with….I’m sorry Katy there was never a moment that this turd of a society wanted to shut it’s mouth or open it’s ears. EVEN AS TO YESTERDAY….NOT INTERESTED in hearing my story, the story, the FACTS or even what I’m sensing is what the mind of the Creator has been saying. The stones I’ve been collecting…first two on or near Rose St. Sister Rose is not the only Rose in the “phone book.” I’ve never prophecied to be headed to California, so no, I won’t be.

  2. Wayne Ramirez

    The fossil found the day I met “col’ Perry (I’m told) it is and has been yours for the asking I was not trying to impress or or flatter. It was the SAME hand that has been SLAPPING this nation for it’s interference, that had put it in mine. I could care less about the work (in that envelope that was handed to Sacred Heart 4 safe-keeping) compared to what I knew had to be more important to the Creator. Yes I’d like for all of that that I wrote to become a part of what this country DOES. The reasons I put that there I told to YOU. This nation had some PRESENT it wanted to celebrate as part of some fake PEGAN RITUAL and needed a reminder. I enjoy those holidays as much as anyone for the kids. But WE all knew this time has been about MORE. I think we KNOW that there is more going on than meets the eye. My “mantle” is as real as the hundreds of things that say “yeah, this is real”….

  3. James McDonald

    What a joke article this is. Bet you morons believing this take Alex Jones as a credible source. brainless twats.


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