“Whole wheat, white, or rye?”

Well, Tucker’s right…The GOP should make sandwiches because they are way better at making them.

The GOP is useless, and what they are doing right now proves every accusation against them.

It still remains a mystery to me what is really their end game for this useless battle?

How can they even Tweet their supports to Cuba when there is a REAL bigger issue of “political prisoners” being held by Biden’s DOJ?

We all love Cuba and the Cubans, but we have our worries, and we have to solve our own communists at home first!

We all want to know what happened with the election fraud. Did they solve that problem? It seems they barely uttered a word about it, most of the GOP members are keeping their mouth about it.

Thanks for the support guys! Geez…

In addition, the unvaccinated people, Biden have continued to attack them and also criticizes the supporters of Trump, but the GOP is quiet. Are they going to support us or something, or will they bury us to the ground? And what about all these vaccine mandates?

The fact that most of the GOP, especially Jim Jordan, are “bought off” by Big Tech and it’s the main reason why the GOP won’t do anything about it.

At this point, the GOP are useless for this country’s future and has zero intention of standing up for their voters, Well, Let’s faced it that way, precisely the reason Tucker Carlson is calling on them to do. The bums can’t do their job right, especially to dig and fight, it’s better off, if most of them stepped down and go make sub sandwiches at Quizno’s that might help us.

It’s just become such a joke.

I’m telling you, we need to make this primary season an absolute political bloodbath and get rid of a lot of this dead weight – yes, even some of the “popular” ones need to go too, because we simply can’t win with this low-energy army of nincompoops.

We need ruthless and creative fighters to beat these commies and save this country.

Sources: Waynedupree, USAsanews, Lifezette

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  1. neo

    The Republicans are just controlled opposition of the deep state and actually want the very same goals that the extreme leftist want but at a slower pace…..sh%t can them all !


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