Democrats face another serious problem and make Americans worry about thanksgiving while teaching the unemployed to act like a douchebag.

The Democrat’s initiative to give more unemployment benefits to the unemployed makes our country suffer from food shortage due to more laborers are choosing to lay off from work and receive paychecks instead.

Brilliant idea, right?

Ho-Ka Turkey Farm’s Robert Kauffman has shared his frustration in a statement:

“The problem isn’t the turkeys. It’s having people dress them — take the feathers off and get them ready to cook.”

“I’ve been really worried about getting temporary help for the dressing season, I can dress in a skeleton crew, but I don’t like to. And I won’t get the numbers I need. If I have a nice full dressing line, we can do maybe 2,500 birds a day — the pace I like to have.” Kauffman said.

In past years, Kauffman’s farm has brought in around 100 temporary workers to help dress the turkeys. So far this year, he’s hired a mere seven. That’s 7 percent capacity, for those keeping track at home.

Republicans have understood what the problem is. A Bureau of Labor Statistics report from August showed that the 10 states with the lowest unemployment numbers were all Republican-run.

Make no mistake — the labor shortage is undeniably a Democratic problem.

Sure, turkeys will probably make their way into stores for Thanksgiving.

This gives us a signal that we should be ordering turkeys now in advance.

Thanks, Dems for the mess. We really don’t like it.

Source: The Western Journal

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