State Trooper of Maywood Illinois, Michael Cokins, suffered 16 broken bones and underwent 8 surgeries after being hit by habitual drunk driver, Leslie Thurow.  After nearly killing Cokins she then hit a retaining wall and struck an SUV with 7 people inside, flipping it over. Luckily none of the passengers were critically injured.

From Police One:

Sixteen broken bones, eight surgeries and two years after a chronic drunken driver struck and nearly killed Illinois State Trooper Michael Cokins, he sat in a Cook County courtroom trying to distill the experience.

“As I get older, I will have to live with what you did to me for the rest of my life,” Cokins told Leslie Thurow, 61, of Mount Prospect, at her sentencing. Minutes later, a judge imposed a prison term of 13 years.

“One thing I do not want to live with is knowing you got off easy, again,” said Cokins, 30. “So I will bear the burden to make sure you never hurt another person again.”

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