A family takes a trip to Wendy’s for dinner but the night didn’t turn out as expected.

A lot of families settle for a fast food joint on a busy day for a family dinner. You expect to get a quick, cheap, not so healthy meal and some time with your kids but what this family got instead is unacceptable. Teeneshia Bush thought she could spend some quality time with her 15 year old son at the local Wendy’s but the unprofessional staff ruined their whole night.

From awm: When he walked up to the counter to place his order, he could see some of the staff on the line start to snicker. And when he went back up to receive his order, they were outright laughing at him. To his knowledge, he had not said or done anything funny or strange, so he could not understand why they were being so rude.

Then he saw his ticket. The person who had taken his order had entered the nasty name “little ugly dude” on his receipt, and that had triggered the reaction of the staff.

He was almost moved to tears by their cruelty, but the truly despicable detail of this story was that the comment was not entered by some immature teenager working an after school job, but by the adult restaurant manager, who had taken their order.

The mother was furious! So like any mom in the 21st century, she took to Facebook and what she had to say had over 2,000 shares.

“Good Morning FBF this been bothering me all night. I took my son to Wendy’s to get something to eat last night. He went inside to place his order, instead of the cashier being courtesy and ask my son what’s his name to put on his ticket she took it upon herself to put on the bottom of his receipt Lil Ugly Dude. This is unacceptable and unprofessional. My child was so embarrassed and upset he said the whole store was laughing at him including the manager. I play about a lot of things but my kids isn’t one. My ghetto side was telling me to go back up there and let them have it. But I rather do it the right way.”

Since her post has gone viral, Wendy’s fired the immature manager and contacted the teenager to give him and his family an apology. It isn’t clear if they have said anything to the other employees but it should be dealt with among the whole crew, since it was the whole crew laughing at the customer.

This is disgusting and completely ridiculous. I can only hope that every one of those employees was dealt with. They are doing no favors for Wendy’s and I can only imagine how many other incidences there were for their entertainment. Have you ever experienced something like this??

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    • Debbie Schoppe

      For sure how awful for that young man! What comes around goes around! So sorry he had that happened to him

  1. Robert Davis

    Its not the Wendy Corp.to be blamed but a group of Stupid people that thank there being funny.
    This is not too be excepted.The entire staff should be fired.

  2. Martha Handley

    You did the right thing! So sad how many are so RUDE today when actually THEY are the ones that are. They should be without JOBS!

    • Tired of inane behavior

      Keep the lawyers out of this, the courts do not need to be clogged up with minor issues when so many vitally important cases are languishing for want of court rooms, time and judges.
      Wendy’s will do the right thing for the young man or we can be the presiding judges and render our judgement with our monies. No right treatment, no customers.

  3. Shirley

    Poor embarrassed son and Mom at Wendy’s!!

    I am so sorry and feel you did a great thing by posting this and the receipt here on F.B.

    In future maybe this incident will help ensure this wil not happen anywhere else!!

  4. Jeffrey

    Fire them all! Not Wendys fault but pathetic parents these days that allow their kids,phones,internet,or social media to raise them instead of being a parent and disciplining them!

  5. Toni

    Where was this store at? And all the crew that was on that night should be fired.

  6. Malchus

    Short of doing something illegal, I would not have left that store without making a major issue out of it – to the manager, staff and any other customers there who witnessed it. It would not have been pleasant, I guarantee that!

  7. Joe

    Fire them all and try to make sure that they never get good recommendations or at least put them on latrine duty permanently

  8. Marjorie

    Burger king on 205and mill plain in vancouver ,wa. needs to fire mgr jeff. He treats crew bad in front of customers, goes off on customers and gets away with it. They have tried to send him to another store and they didnt want him. Alot of workers have quit because of him and alot of workers have complained but he is still there!

  9. Janet

    This is being a bully and they all should have to answer for the way they behaved. Go talk to a lawyer and stand strong for your child. No one deserves to be treated like that. And I feel like the company owes him something more than just and oh I’m sorry.

  10. David Lumphrey

    I had a situation at a Burger King. My daughter and I ate inside (Winter). We get our order and sit down at a booth. My daughter unwraps her sandwich and it has a bite out of it. Like that kid the staff thought it was funny. I asked to see the manager and he would not fire them. I asked for my money back and we left. Never to return!


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