On Thursday night, Alec Baldwin gave a detailed interview on the “Rust” shooting on ABC, answering questions about why he pointed a gun at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and saying he had not heard any safety concerns onset beforehand, the Variety reported.

The outlet added that Baldwin told interviewer George Stephanopoulos that he has nothing to hide and does not feel guilt about the incident.

Here’s what Baldwin  said:

“Someone is responsible for what happened,” Baldwin said.

“And I can’t say who that is, but I know it’s not me,” he added.

But Steve Wolf, a CNN’s resident “theatrical gun expert,” debunks Baldwin’s claim that he didn’t pull the trigger was plausible and said NO.

Wolf brought a gun along as a visual aid to make sure every possible theory of what really happened during that time when Baldwin  accidentally shot Hutchins

He provided two options proving Baldwin’s claim is not possible, and what exactly happen in the ‘RUST’ shooting incident.

Wolf uses the gun Alec would’ve used that fateful day as he demonstrated his theories.

According to Wayne Dupree reports:

He showed how when you pull back the hammer, the trigger on that revolver becomes quite sensitive. Even a relatively small amount of pressure on the trigger would fire the revolver.

Wolf says, it could have been such an inconsequential touch, that it didn’t register in Alec’s brain that he actually fired the gun.

Wolf’s second theory is that Alec had his finger holding down the trigger when he pulled back the hammer.

Now, in this case, if you release your finger off the trigger, the gun will fire.

Again, Alec could have done this without realizing what he was doing at that exact moment.

The outlet added:

I actually think one of these two theories likely happened on that day. I don’t think for a second that Alec purposely shot the woman.

I also believe a live round made it into the gun when “bored” workers and actors were target shooting, just hours before Alec’s scene.

However, I think Alec, who has been a very LOUD critic of gun owners, was irresponsible and didn’t show respect for the weapon, and didn’t properly handle it, either.

And I think he needs to pay for that, both civilly and criminally.

You can watch the video below:

Watch it here: CNN/Youtube

Sources: Waynedupree, Variety

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3 Responses

  1. Dennis Karoleski

    Not sure what Steve Wolf, CNN’s resident “theatrical gun expert,” meant in his second theory that Alec had his finger holding down the trigger when he pulled back the hammer when he said. “Now, in this case, if you release your finger off the trigger, the gun will fire”.
    Anyone who has ever “fanned” a Colt single action army knows that is complete and total hogwash. Giving Wolf the benefit of doubt I suspect he meant to say “when you hold the trigger back and release the hammer the revolver will fire”. Can CNN EVER get anything right?

    • Bemused Berserker

      Just as when the Armorer, Reed, explained that she “spun the cylinder to insure it was clear,” that’s not how you clear a SAA. You advance the cylinder one chamber at a time. Spinning the cylinder causes excessive wear on the cylinder pawl. Something an experienced Armorer should know. Spinning the cylinder is exactly why she missed that the gun was loaded.

  2. JC

    Alec Baldwin did not know what the hell he was doing. His explanations are ignorant and he makes himself sound even dumber than he actually is. His attitude makes it worse. He did it and is trying to BS his way out of it!


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