The 35-year-old Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt was being wronged all the time to the point that nobody else got the same treatment she did. Babbitt was a passionate Donald Trump supporter who was fatally shot in the shoulder by Capitol Security as she climbed in through a broken window.

Yet CNN loves to rub salt in conservative wounds so they went from calling the deplorable martyr someone who “got what she deserved” to something even worse.

The so-called January 6 Barbarian Invasion on the nation’s Capitol creates a lot of buzz and stories, and it is difficult to differentiate if what’s fact and what’s propaganda. And with Babbitt’s issue, the propaganda flows freely on both sides. She’s special because her death was filmed live and in color. All it took was a single bullet to the shoulder to end the life of an innocent patriot who was caught up in a wave of bizarrely staged events.

The truth, as always, lies in the shadowy gray area somewhere in between.

To the right (Republicans and Patriots), she’s a patriotic martyr. To CNN and the progressive left, she’s a “domestic terrorist who got what she deserved.” And yet the unnamed lieutenant who shot Ashli while she was crawling through a broken window leading to the Speaker’s Lobby outside the US House of Representatives chamber, has cleared his name from criminal wrongdoing.

According to Bill Maher, Ashli Babbitt “died for a second Trump term even though that would have solved exactly none of her problems.” Her image, he notes, “adorns a black ‘martyr flag’ with the Capitol in the background that is being circulated on right-wing social media.” A liberal European analyst of the far-right declares, she “is going to be used for many, many years. The more they mention her, the more dangerous her story is going to be.”

For her family, Ashli Babbitt was described as “an unarmed woman who spent more than a decade in service to her country and who had no previous criminal convictions.” Her brother and mother, Michelle and Roger Witthoeft also provided some needed personal insight into what happened. And these observations gave credibility to the theory that Deep State agents posing as the shadowy “QAnon” group baited and teased vulnerable people into staging a false-flag operation on “Q.” “She was a person,” her mother said, “her voice cracking with emotion,” as CNN dutifully notes.

Babbitt spent four years on active duty in the Air Force and was discharged as a senior airman in 2008 when she decided to vote for Barack Obama. She continued her career as “an Air Force reservist from 2008 to 2010 and in the Air National Guard from 2010 to 2016.” By then she had realized the error of her ways and converted to conservativism. Tours of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the UAE probably had something to do with her shifting opinions. One thing is certain, she considered herself a patriot.

“While with the Air National Guard, she was a member of the 113th Security Forces Squadron of the DC Air National Guard based at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.” That’s special because the whole mission of that unit is to “protect the DC area during periods of civil unrest.” That’s why they’re called “the Capital Guardians.” She should have known better than to climb through that window. It’s alright, she thought, everyone else is doing it. The problem was that the security guard on the other side wasn’t in on the plan.

Sneaky federal agents looking to groom informants and undercover operatives often look to those like Babbitt with military training in their background and some sort of financial hardship that they can leverage to their advantage.

It seems that the pool service she owned with her brother and husband wasn’t doing really well and had become deeply indebted. Her brother relates that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed and would have been solved soon.

As her social media habits started gravitating toward the conservative side, Babbitt began to identify more and more with the messages put out by “QAnon.”

Observers said that the “Q” promotions are specially tailored to push the hot-buttons of unstable and easily manipulated radical types, who can be introduced to one another and groomed to carry out domestic terror operations. Ones with dud explosives and teams of agents waiting in ambush to thwart live on TV in time for the evening news. Just like the Barbarian Invasion.

The security officer acquittal proves that the guard had every right to shoot Ashli Babbitt. But the big questions are why only Babbitt was the only one they shot and why didn’t the other guards shoot anyone. It turned out the unnamed lieutenant didn’t get the memo to let the invaders in. When FBI agents came knocking at the family’s door a few days later, they were shocked when the family told them she basically just wandered in with the crowd.

After they went through her social media posts and made clear that Q was the one who set her, they were skeptical that she’d traveled to DC all on her own and managed to find herself at the center of the melee without any help or planning. It is very obvious that the last thing they want to do is uncover who’s behind that mask because it’s likely to turn out to be Christopher Wray himself.

Source: The GOP Times

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