Apparently, a fully vaccinated Southwest Airlines flight attendant who religiously took all of the precautions possible, including wearing a face mask, sanitizing surfaces, and washing his hands has recently died from COVID-19.

36-year-old Maurice “Reggie” Shepperson died last Tuesday after he had battled COVID-19 for a month.

Southwest Airlines recently sent confirmation that Shepperson had passed in their email that was sent to Fox News.

“We are heartbroken over the loss; the Southwest Family is supporting each other, and our Employee’s family, during this difficult time,” the airline’s statement read. “Out of respect for Reggie’s family, we do not have additional details to share.”

USA Today reported:

A flight attendant that worked for Southwest Airlines and was normally based in Las Vegas dues Tuesday from COVID-19, according to both his co-workers and his family.

Maurice “Reggie” Shepperson was a jovial native New Yorker who wore brightly colored pants during the flight attendant training in 2014 (earning him the nickname Skittles), ultimately tested positive for the coronavirus during the first part of July and had been in the hospital fighting it for over a month. Marcia Hildreth called Reggie her best friend and she was proud to work with him and she confirmed this terrible news.

Reggie was on a ventilator and he passed away early Tuesday, according to his mother Dawn Shepperson. She reported it to USA TODAY after a nurse informed her that he had passed away from COVID-19.

Even though this happened to Reggie, he was fully vaccinated. Shepperson not only had taken the vaccine, but he had worn his mask and he was constantly washing his hands and sanitizing every surface along with wiping down everything in his hotel room, his friend Hildreth said.

Southwest Airlines has decided that they are not going to mandate COVID vaccines for their employees and crew members.

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