In a series of tweets that had several left-wing media outlets fuming, actress Kirstie Alley shared her belief that the United States is on the road to accepting pedophilia.

Alley voiced her opinion about children being exposed to “perverse” content on television and the internet. The Hollywood actress warned that society’s open-mindedness will eventually lead us down a road of accepting pedophilia. Alley’s comments angered many, including fellow celebrities and an LGBTQ website.

She said on Friday, “Was watching TV, we’ve gone too far in my opinion. I feel sorry for our children. Their exposure to everything perverse on every kind of screen is mind-boggling. And even more tragic, it’s being hyped as ‘normal.’”

In her two consecutive Twitter posts, she explained what she meant:

I’m kinda on a roll but my heart’s heavy with the s*** that’s being crammed down our kid’s throats. A “moral code” is not old-fashioned. Morals are simply guidelines for better survival. Explicit sexual “education” and “select” ideals being forced on kids is NOT better survival.

People are becoming so “open-minded” that down the road they will support pedophilia as people “just loving children.” You think I’m kidding. I’m not. It’s the direction this insanity is headed. You can “ok boomer” me all you want but this is where we will veer unless we change.

Reacting to Alley’s post, entertainment outlet Socialite Life sneered, “Scientologist and one-time actress, Kristie Alley, has been listening to too many QAnon theories of late.”

According to The Daily Wire report:

Meanwhile, LGBTQ publication, Queerty, claimed Alley’s concerns were nonsensical. ‘Former actress Kirstie Alley took to Twitter this morning to rant incoherently about something she’d just watched on television,’ the story said. ‘Though she didn’t say exactly what she had seen, based on her remarks, it seems to have been about teaching LGBTQ issues and sex ed in schools … God forbid we teach our children to be more kind and accepting of others.'”

A Hollywood website also said that Alley’s tweets “disturbing.”

Singer and left-wing activist Ricky Davila also reacted to Alley’s post and said that “The ever abhorrent Kirstie Alley is trending because she’s obsessed with pedophilia as many of her allies in the GQP cult are and project about aka donor Josh Duggar. She blocked me in 2016, so I’m unable to call her a rabid hateful brainwashed lunatic to her face again. Oh well.”

Another reaction from Political pundit Matthew Dowd also made as he said “Please seek the care of a team of mental health professionals.”

And Comedian Sarah Silverman also replied to Alley, “Yes because pedophilia certainly doesn’t at all thrive in a good old-fashioned repressed society like church and catholic school. Keeping kids in the dark is where darkness lives, Ma.”

Sources: The Blaze, Daily Wire

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  1. MikefromTexas

    I agree with Kirstie. The liberal school teachers are cramming this stuff down our kids throats.


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